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Asus Flip 2in1 Laptop Q302la-BSI5t16 Review

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Asus has now influence the major laptop industry in most of the countries. This is very reasonable because Asus is very productive in making the presence of high quality laptops. Every new product of Asus is capable to be used as the consideration. It is so much fun when we know that the Flip series of best Asus laptop will be launched soon.

Have you heard about the news?  It will complete the lineup of flip series of Asus that has been available in the market for these several times. It can be great to discuss about the presence of specifications inside this portable computer. Asus is already well known and famous to be one of the manufacturers with its flexible screen laptop.

Most of the series are included in the Transformer series. However, the rest are standing alone as the Flip series laptop. These Asus laptops for sale are Q301LA laptop that brings the design of conventional laptop together with the tablet. It is very functional for you that have various activities mobile. With the presence of its touch screen display, you can turn your large sized laptop into the wide screen tablet that is lightweight and increase the comfort of use.

Asus Flip 2in1 Q302la-BSI5t16. Cheap 2 in 1 Laptop

Features and specification of flip laptops from Asus are also considerable for medium and even hard works. It is caused by the presence of high specification inside. The brain or the processor of this Flip laptop is Intel Core i5. It brings the spacious performance that will gain effective work especially for graphics, heavy software processing and so on. The other elements that will improve the performance of this laptop are coming from its large sized memory. It is worth to buy cheap laptops that use 8GB DDR3 of ram that will provide spacious speed of data processing.

Collaboration between its 2.2 GHz processor, RAM as well as the other machine parts will make this laptop perform an ultimate high quality computing system. Another stuff that will be other key features for this laptop is the presence of its 500GB HDD. It brings the large space of storage which will function well to give you a very powerful space for keeping the data. In its 13.3 inches of screen size, you will get the awesome performance of Windows 8.1. Graphics processing in Asus laptop price will also run smoothly because it has Intel Graphic display which work well for HD files and 3D files.

Pros and Cons Of Asus Flip 2in1 Q302la-BSI5t16

The advantages of possessing this laptop are pretty much. You can consider the pros of Asus laptop review by considering about its design. With the flexible design instead, you will have a very powerful performance of working in any area. When you are in the place with table around, you can open up your laptop as the regular laptop.

However, if you do not need so much typing and keyboard usage, you can flip the screen and start to use the laptop as a tablet. Speaking about the cons of this product, it seems dilemmatic. With its i5 processor, Asus should provide larger HDD space. We know that 500GB is not enough for keeping so many large files.

It will be creepy for they who love to keep HD videos and other large sized files in their laptop. The screen is good for mobile because it only reach 13 inches. However, it might be less comfortable for the user who loves to do some editing process and also running software’s with lots of details inside. With all of the specification, these Asus laptops reviews are worth to buy in less than $1000.

ASUS Transformer Book T100HA-C4 Review

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Tough, fast and durable might be three words that are pretty good to describe the performance of Asus Transformer series. As we know, Asus has several series of laptop and each of them is having its own characters. You can adjust the laptop that you need based on the series itself. If you are someone who is very mobile and want incredible work of a computing engine, transformer series is the best laptop under 1000 to choose. There are so many reason that you have to pick this laptop to be your daily partner. So, what are they? You have to see some review of cheap Asus laptops below.

Cheap ASUS Transformer Book T100HA-C4 Touchscreen Laptop

Characteristic of transformer series from Asus is pretty unique. This is a type of laptop that can have 2 in 1 mode in the usage. The first mode is for using the product as a laptop. Then the second options are to use the laptop as a tablet. All the designs are possible to be done because it has special swivel design to support awesome usage. One more interesting thing about this product is that you will see about the difference of regular one and its signature edition. These Asus laptops for sale are called as T100HA-C4 version.

ASUS Transformer Book T100HA-C4 Cheap Touchscreen Laptop

After the signature edition stick in this laptops name, it means that Asus have to ensure about the overall performance and the satisfactory for its users. Luckily there are no complaints at all from the consumer related to the performance of this transformer book flip. It might happen because the laptop under 500 bring high specification that avoid the laptop from being hang and has some lag.

You can even say good bye for these classic problem. It is completed with Intel Quad-Core Cherry Trail x5-Z8500. It makes laptop for students is really considered by them who need heavy working task using heavy software. The presence of Intel Quad-Core Cherry Trail x5-Z8500 will ensure the overall performance of this laptop. You will have this processor to support its 4GB memory RAM performance.

It means that your college student laptop will never experience any trouble in running heavy apps. All the performance is capable to be released because it also has 64GB eMMC with Windows 10 pre-installed. Everything that you want to do is greatly served in its 10 inch Touchscreen, IPS WXGA (1280×800), and detachable tablet. It brings awesome experience for the user of Asus laptop review especially for doing the office work.

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Benefit and Disadvantages of Using ASUS Transformer Book T100HA-C4

We can talk about the disadvantages for first. Most of the newest Intel Cherry Trail laptops are good to choose. It is still unknown why buy Asus laptop are only given 64GB eMMC with Windows 10 pre-installed. This is a not really big amount, after a year of usage, your hard disk might be full.

If there is some job, it can even be full for processing the data. Another thing that make people are canceling their plan is the presence of its medium screen size. While the other is already using 12 inches, this product only uses 10 inches of screen size. Although there are some disadvantages of purchasing these laptops, you will also experience super benefits from all the specification of the laptop.

One important benefit that you get is the presence of the laptop as the signature edition laptops. It means that there will be none trial ware as well as junk ware. All the things inside the laptop are fully accessible without needed to do the separated purchase. The narrow screen of Asus laptops reviews is also another reason to think twice in purchasing your newest portable computer.

ASUS Transformer Book Flip TP200SA Review

Asus laptop for under $500 – Laptops are developed pretty much by every manufacturer in order to face the need of the era. If long time ago the portability of the laptop become one of the purpose to be added; now there are a lot of aspects that are needed to be added in a laptops. It makes a lot of laptops are having high specification that even beat the desktop computers. One of the manufacturers that are really concern in making high specification laptop is Asus. There is asus laptop for sale which have a lot of series and every series are having its function and performance that will be beneficial for the users.

ASUS Transformer Book Flip TP200SA Reviews

In this occasion we will talk about 2 ini 1 laptop from Asus that is launched in the previous year. Well, have you ever heard about the Asus Transformer? It is the laptop series from Asus that can turn your laptop to be the tablet touch screen. This is possible because the screen of the laptop can be tilt until it forms like a tablet. From the design, these cheap Asus laptops are really impressive. Then how is about the specifications? Well, we have to dig more to get everything are exposed.

ASUS Transformer Book Flip TP200SA Features

Based on the name, we can see that this laptop is not only intended for the office needs. It is basically the portable computer for they who love to do the hard work mobile. You can use all the specification to maximize the work of the laptop for editing, rendering, and even gaming. The benefit of this transformer book can be seen from its 2 in 1 design. You can enjoy the performance of both laptop and tablet. It depends on the activity that you need in that exact time. It means that asus laptops have a very flexible usage for you.

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To support the performance of the computing system, these buy cheap laptops are using the great main brain which is in the form of Intel Brass well Dual Core N 3050. This processor can work in 1.6 GHz. When you play hard games or heavy application, the processor can have its turbo function that makes the presence of the processor is raiding up to 2.16 GHz. To ensure about the speed and the flexibility of performance, it applies 4 GB memory. Basically the ram need to be higher, however it is enough if you are just running in dual core.

Pros And Cons of Asus Transformer TP200SA

It is unlike than the previous version of Asus transformer, this transformer book is made without any significant difference than the predecessor. Actually all the buyer and user of Asus laptop price are already waiting for something more from Asus transformer book. Sadly tp200sa seems lack of specifications especially when you are looking at the amount of ram and the type of processor which is used by the laptop. It makes the laptop is only capable to play the lightweight 3d game. It will not capable to afford hard 3d game.

Although there are some disappointment in the aspect of the ram and processor, you do not need to worry because buy Asus laptop are still beneficial for you. If you are someone who is active and powerful in enjoying your day, you can purchase this laptop for less than $500. This price will give you 2 types of computing system, the tablet and the laptop. When you are on the bus or train, tablet will be more functional. Luckily, the screen of this laptop is pretty impressive because it bring IPS HD display with 11.6 inches of width.

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