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Best Laptops Under 600 Dollars 2017

Want to buy a new laptop with great performance? You don’t have to research by yourself, i have listed best laptops under 600 of 2017 here. Check this out!

Laptops with high-performance tend to have high price, but you will get the best laptops for under 600 with high capability. This article will review some of recommended laptops for anyone, such as student, teacher, accountant, professional, etc. Before exploring them one by one, you may interest about market situation. Technology is the key to survive in laptop industry. In past time, you required more than $1,000 to get high-performance laptop.

best laptops under 600

It was eight years ago when Intel introduced new generation of processor. After Pentium and core 2 Duo, many people expected less about this industry because smartphone and tablet emerged significantly. However, Intel introduced Intel core generation and turned bright light in this field, though windows still tried to develop suitable operating system.

Nowadays, laptop is not solely device with classic design but expand into more modern and futuristic. This device becomes very thin and lightweight. Customers can chose laptop for daily basis with different design. Hybrid laptop is design where you can turn the display into 360 degree. It is like tablet but still attached to keyboard. Another model is retractable monitor. This design accommodate user to bring only display to access application. For typing and advanced processing, keyboard and touchpad are available. It is similar to regular design, but the display screen can be removed separately. Even though many designs and models are launched into market, classic style still has its customers.

Besides design and processor, some features are added to enhance capability. You may rarely find optical drive in laptop with the size less than 14-inch. USB drive is solely way to transfer data. Moreover, Microsoft succeeds to create USB installation for windows. Technology USB reaches into version 3.1 with faster and higher capability. Another new technology is storage. On market, two types of storage are available. You may find old HHD or new SSD. Manufacturers still put HHD due to the cost effectiveness. In the future, SSD will be the standard and the cost goes down.

Best Laptops Under 600 Dollars 2017


Acer Laptop Aspire E15 – Laptop Under 600

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Many brands and companies enter laptop market with innovation. Some of them are familiar, for example Acer. You can expect much from Acer because product is very good with affordable price. One of Acer’s lineups is Acer Laptop Aspire E15. This is device where you can play advanced game. Processor is already display is 15-inch and GPU is NVidia GTX 940 with capacity 2 GB. SSD is for internal storage with capacity 256 GB. Acer Laptop Aspire E15 can work faster. Another advantage of SSD is battery efficiency and price is $600.

Acer Aspire V 13 – Best Laptop Under 600

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Having $600 in pocket is enough to get excellent laptop. You can pick Acer aspire V 13 as top product on market. Acer is one of prolific company in laptop industry. Several products have been launched to fulfill customer demand and expectation. Acer aspire V 13 is classic design, but very elegant with 13-inch display. Moreover, Acer makes this best laptops under 600 to be touchscreen mode so you may use hand directly to screen. Processor relies on Intel core i5 and 8 GB RAM. Another feature is SSD with capacity 256 GB. This is device to keep your attention on display without worry about electric socket to recharge.

HP Pavilion 13 – Top Laptop Under 600

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Tablet cannot replace laptop in term of compatibility and capability, not until you see HP Pavilion 13. Display is 13 inch with touchscreen mode, FHD, led, and resolution up to 1920 x 1080 pixels. It can be laptop or tablet depends on your preference. Intel core i5 becomes main processor and 8 GB as ram. It is already in SSD with capacity 128 GB. Windows 10 will be operating system. You may think this device is very expensive, but you only spend up to $600 to bring it home. HP called this laptop as 2-in-1 device.

Asus F556UA-AS54 – Good Laptop Under 600

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Slim and lightweight are what you see form Asus F556UA-AS54. The design is elegant and you will get this great laptop with price less than $600. For your information, price might be higher or lower, but still below $600. Processor is Intel core i5. Base clock is 2.3 GHz and user can boost up to 2.8 GHz. Ram is 8 GB. Display is 15-inch with fhd technology. Good news for customer is 256 SSD as storage. Operating system is windows 10 and multifunction touchpad to support your task. Therefore, ASUS f556ua-as54 is your option to get utmost result.

Hp Spectre X2 – Laptop Under $600

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Tablet cannot perform high task so you need laptops. However, laptop is not much lightweight when you intend to bring along journey. This is opportunity for Hp Spectre X2 to fill the gap. This hp laptop is slim and small with only 12-inch. Processor is Intel m-generation and 4 GB for ram. Weight is 3 lbs. and 128 GB SSD for internal storage. These specs are enough to run windows 10 ultimately. This device is categorized into hybrid laptop.

ASUS F555UA-EH71 – Best Laptop Under $600

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Turbo boost, Intel core i7, Intel HD graphics, and 8 GB are you will get in ASUS F555UA-EH71. Company is one of prolific manufacturer in laptop industry. Asus launch products from entry level to the most sophisticated one. Having $600 is enough to get high-performance laptop ASUS F555UA-EH71. Screen size is 15.6-inch and 1 TB HDD. Operating system is windows 10. You cannot beat classic that what ASUS want to tell to customer. In spite of many hybrids, touchscreen, and 2-in-1 laptops, classic style is still suitable for daily work.

Lenovo Edge – Top Laptop Under $600

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One of recommended laptops under $600 is Lenovo Edge. Touchscreen display makes sure you can access everything easily. With 15.6-inch display, this laptop is suitable for enjoying your time or work. Processor is Intel core i3 and 6 GB for RAM. Internal storage is 500 GB HDD. If only need portability and mobility feature, this amount of storage is enough to store many things. Lenovo edge has weight 5 lbs. and very lightweight with elegant design. This is your favorite laptop to support everything you do.

Dell Inspiron i5559-4415SLV

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When come into laptop under $600, Dell Inspiron i5559-4415SLV is good option. It is right device for student to finish their homework. Travelers also use this best laptops under 600 due to lightweight and touchscreen future. Processor is Intel core i5 and ram is 8 GB. To store data, manufacturer gives 1 TB HDD.

Lenovo G70

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You need wider screen, but constrain with budget. With less than $600, you still get laptop that has display 17-inch. For such matter, you should rely on Lenovo G70. Real size of display is 17.3-inch. Intel core i5 become processor alongside 8 GB RAM and 1 TB HDD. It still has optical drive, in case you want to burn or process data into DVD form. Specs might not be your favorite when need faster. However, Lenovo g70 is device with reasonable and affordable price then never lack of capability.

There are so many brands in laptop market and only few of them are eligible to take part in above list. You may familiar with MacBook, but the price is more than $600. Basically, these laptops are capable to do basic to medium task. For advanced tasks such as video editing, you still need GPU and upgraded processor. All of them are windows-based system, so the main OS is Windows 10. Microsoft intends to make tablet as powerful as desktop computer and it starts from laptop. Hybrid or retractable display is another version of tablet with laptop specification. Therefore, you now understand why these devices stay in list of the best laptops under 600 of 2017.

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