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Asus Zenbook UX305FA Ultrabook Review

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Asus is releasing the newest information about their latest product in the series of Zenbook. As we know, this series is belonging o the highest series of laptops that are ever launched by Asus manufacturer. It means that the newest Zenbook could be the highest specs laptop from Asus that is ever made. Many people are already waiting for the born of these Asus laptops for sale. It happens because the laptop is very capable to be done for hard working. It can support you who love to edit graphics, video and even playing games. So, are you curious about the spec of this Zenbook?

You can first recognize that this Zenbook is called as UX305FA. As one of the best ultrabook laptop, it can be realized that the appearance and the design of this laptop is pretty impressive. It makes the laptop is really wanted by many people who need high specifications and are often mobile. You are lucky to find these best Asus laptops because it fits your need. The laptop has metallic look for its design. The keyboards are also made to be very exclusive and sleek. It is also supported with some impressive touch of design that makes the laptop is sweet.

Asus Zenbook UX305FA Laptop Features

Speaking about the specification of this Zenbook is the same like talking the specification of cheap laptop for gaming series. As you know, this programming laptop brings very incredible features inside its slim body. Indirectly, Asus shows everyone that being fast does not always mean to be always fat. Inside the slim body, you will find a very powerful processor. It uses Intel Core Broad well M-5Y 10 0.8 GHz. It does not work pretty well without the support of its 8GB of RAM. Well, you can imagine how this collaboration fits in your laptops.

Furthermore, the presence of this Zenbook is also more interesting because it has spacious screen size. It is unlike the other laptops that are tending to have narrower size of screen. Buy Asus laptop brings you 13.3 inch of screen. So your activities in doing task will be more comfortable as you wish. You can even enjoy the entire menu through the easy user interface system that is given by the Windows 8.1 inside. For supporting the storage of the laptop, you will receive the great HDD with 256 GB of SSD. Moreover, this is great for giving space of your data.

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Pros and Cons of Asus Zenbook UX305FA

If we are talking about the pros, we can conclude that the whole design of these Asus laptop price is a pro. There is no other laptop that has this beautiful design touch. It makes everyone are willing to show their Asus Zenbook. The presence of large ram and high processor are also other aspects that make you become a lucky owner. For your information, it will provide great work even when you are running heavy apps. The large sized screen can also make you work easier than just using the net book or another laptop with smaller screen.

Then, how is about the cons? Well, you might find that the price of this Zenbook is too high. The price is arround $700 for this time. Actually the price is too high or such a laptop with this specification. Lower pricing of Asus laptop review would be recommended to be used. After that, the presence of its SSD is also pretty small. It can only afford 156 GB of capacity. If you are the fans of video editing or photography editing, this SSD will be narrow thigh which is very disturbing.