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Acer Aspire E 15 E5-575G-76YK Laptop Review

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Laptop has become people’s need in this era. One of laptop product that offers you better performance is Acer Aspire E 15 E5-575G-76YK. It is new series laptop provided by Acer from E series. This computer can run smoothly even when you try to test it by using some heavy programs. You will get perfect product of computer that gives you the balance of value and power. Purchasing this laptop is very ideal for students because Acer Aspire E 15 E5-575G-76YK can meet the requirements of the customer well. Besides, this Acer Aspire laptop provides you a lot of beneficial features.

Design and Display

The design of Acer Aspire E 15 is quite attractive. It offers the aesthetic side that can exceed the expectations of customers. This product carries Precision Touchpad. By touching the touchpad you can take control of this best core i7 laptop much easier. The touchpad itself allows you to run the laptop for college students as accurate as possible. It makes you take the control smoothly like in touch screen. You can swirl this amazing touchpad using your fingers to select, click, and run many programs such as browsing on several web pages, viewing more photos, and much more. You can use this computer conveniently for everyday usage.

Acer Aspire E 15 as one of best gaming laptop under 1000 looks slim and fashionable, especially when you closed the lid. The front and rear side of this best gaming laptop has been designed very smart. It will allow you to open it easily. It is not a problem anymore to open it just using one hand. If you look at this product in detail, there is no unnecessary line crafted on it. Therefore, it can perform a smooth and clean look. You can also hold it comfortably since it is supported by soft tactile feel.

Moreover, the top part of Acer Aspire E 15 is covered with kind of metallic visual effect supported by cross hairline IMR finish that makes it even more fashionable. It also comes with LCD Display in large size of 15.6 inches Full HD widescreen with the resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels.

Features of Acer Aspire E 15 E5-575G-76YK

The product of Acer Aspire E 15 E5-575G-76YK comes with many outstanding features. To make your computing experience much better, it is supported by the new processor of sixth generation which is Intel Core i7 processor with Turbo Boost technology.

To fulfill the needs of productivity and entertainment which has increasingly demanded, it uses 2GB of DDR5 memory. It uses 6-cell Lithium Ion Battery with the capacity of 2800 mAh. It is able to last up to twelve hours of battery life. This feature allows you to listen to music, watch movies, or play the games much longer with the high quality performance.

Aspire E 15 is equipped with USB type C port that can be used to connect and transfer your data easily. This new USB port allows you to transfer any data very fast. This reversible device charging port will never make you worry to plug it upside down and it works quickly. This computer is supported by Windows 10 as well with many improvements that will make you amazed. This device can also save the power automatically because it has Battery Saver. This laptop has amazing battery life that is up to 12 hours. When you turn on this best acer laptop, you can reduce the emissions of blue-light from the screen by its BluelightShield feature. This will help you to avoid fatigue as well as reduce the strain on your eyes while using the personal computer.

Pros Cons of Acer Aspire E 15 E5-575G-76YK

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  • This product can start up very fast and offers great features which are expected by many customers.
  • With long lasting battery and plenty of speed, it meets all requirements needed from a laptop. You can stay to run many programs on this laptop up to a half day without any need to plug it to the charger.
  • This product is quite lightweight.
  • The 8GB of RAM and full HD display is also a very promising excellent feature.

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  • This computer does not have any DVD tray that comes with it.
  • Aside from other great features it has, it seems that the quality of sound in this product could be classified as average.



Aspire E 15 E5-575G-76YK gives you powerful performance by its high technology processor. It help you to do many tasks smoothly. This product is designed specifically for mobility and speed. You will be able to use this computer much longer for hours since it is equipped by high performance battery. This new product offers to users a lot of useful features and high performance. Your everyday multitasks can be easily accomplished just by using this Aspire E 15. The pros and cons of this product can be used as considerations for what kind of PC that you really need to support your work. Be a wise buyer to get the laptop you want with proper price.

Gaming Laptop Asus K501W-AB78 Review

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The demand for gaming laptop is expectedly higher lately. It encourages Asus to produces latest gaming laptop of Asus K501W-AB78. As a laptop build particularly for gaming purposes, it is equipped with specifications and features to satisfy its customers. Beneath its amazing dimension and detail, high hardware specification is installed. The processor is able to run any video game smoothly. Meanwhile, the graphics card offers the best viewing experience. The screen resolution of this best laptop for programmers will also give best color clarity as well. For gaming laptop, this series is also equipped with long lasting battery life as well.

Design and Display

As it goes with other cheap gaming laptop under, Asus K501W-AB78 uses silver color for the lid. This laptop exterior is using aluminum. Metallic material is popular option for high end gaming laptop chassis. Such material gives extra durability without making it heavier. It combines silver tone of aluminum with black keyboard. The keyboard itself features backlit. Judging from its appearance, costumers will directly assume that it has powerful hardware specification. They are right since the hardware is actually powerful. The best thing to mention about the design is its dimension. The gaming laptop under 1500 is only 15.6 by 10 inches with thickness of 0.8 inch.

For gaming purposes, screen size means a lot. In order to satisfy its gaming customers, this product provides 15.6 inch of display. It comes in standard resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels. The display features Matte Full High Definition technology. Matte technology is common innovation used in high quality gaming laptop under 1000. This innovation prevents the screen from reflecting any light to users’ eyes. This innovation is ideal for users who want to play video game under the light. Despite the display does not includes touch screen feature, most gamers do not mind it. They are still able to play their favorite game without having to touch their screen.


Manufactured by Asus, it is safe for customer to think that Asus K501W-AB78 has reliable performance. Since playing video game without any lag is crucial, this gaming laptop is equipped with impressive hardware specification. The processor itself comes from 6th generation of Intel processor. The Intel Core i7-6500U includes Skylake technology. It is already having 2.5 GHz of clock speed. However, this number is upgradable up to 3.1 GHz. With such impressive processor, users will be able to play their favorite game without any lag. For best gaming laptop, having good processor is not enough. The processor is supported by NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960M of graphics card. Graphics card of this laptop with long battery life is not only providing full gaming experience, but also giving good rate performance as well.

Asus K501W-AB78 is equipped with 8 GB of RAM capacity. This capacity is excessive considering most video games today only need either 6 or 8 GB of RAM capacity. In addition to its qualified capacity, the RAM is featuring DDR4 innovation. The only downside for its hardware specification is located in the hard disk. It only provides 512 GB of memory. Most of its rivals are already equip their gaming laptop with 1 TB of hard drive capacity. However, most gamers do not mind this minor downside. Hardware only plays small role on video gaming. In order to compensate with its low memory storage, the hard drive is featuring solid-state drive innovation.

Besides its marvelous hardware, the software installed in Asus K501W-AB78 is no less impressive as well. It uses latest version of Windows 10 as operating system. Other additional features added are including Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity and Wi-Fi. Regardless its sleek profile, alongside its design is packed with ports. It has three USB ports. Two of those are USB 3.0 while the rest is USB 2.0 ports. Unfortunately, it does not include USB type-C that has been popular lately. Users can also connect their laptop to output devices using HDMI port, VGA port, and audio jack. Playing video games for hours is also not a problem since the battery life of this best laptop core i7 is up to seven hours.

Pros and Cons of ASUS K501UW-AB78

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  • The laptop has sleek and slim figure that improves its portability aspect.
  • Processor and graphics card are able to give fast processing and maximum viewing experience.
  • RAM capacity is qualified for video games with higher requirements.
  • The display features full HD resolution and Matte feature.
  • It has backlit keyboard.
  • The Lithium-ion battery is able to power the laptop longer.

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  • Hard drive space is limited.
  • Important feature for gaming such as DVD drive and USB type C is not included.



Asus is leading laptop vendor that produces great gaming laptop with impressive specifications. Asus K501W-AB78 is one of its masterpieces. It is equipped with good hardware configuration. This gaming laptop is also full of useful features. However, the hard drive is surprisingly low. Users who want to install their favorite game from disc might have problem since it does not includes DVD drive.

Dell Inspiron i7559-2512BLK Laptop Review

Hybrid laptop tries to replace what entry-level can do, but not for gaming or high-performance device. Dell Inspiron i7559-12623RED is one of versatile to device to handle any task from daily computing to play high-end game. For your reference, sixth generation of Intel Core Series will assist user to do what he or she want. You can count on this notebook and suitable for work.

Premium and high-performance laptop still has immense market and it grows significantly as the result of expanding game industry. Developer and manufacturer work side-by-side to keep this industry stay alive. In spite of resistance from smartphone and tablet, they cannot replace laptop when playing game to be more pleasurable.

Dell Inspiron i7559-2512BLK

Design and Display

Classy black with Dell emblem on front is what people see from outside of Dell Inspiron i7559-12623RED. Dell puts this product in the 15.6 category. The design is elegant with clamshell mode as common in laptop. Comparison between Dell Inspiron i7559-12623RED and competitors show some superiority in size. This laptop is quite thin and lighter. You can carry it easily anywhere. The keyboard and touchpad are responsive. Keyboard is designed ergonomically to make users feel more comfortable. You can do multiple touching in touchpad without hesitating. I think it can be one of the best laptop for electrical engineering students

As high-end product, the display plays significant role to make the distinction with others. Display size is 15.6-inch and the maximum resolution is 1920 x 1080 pixels. You can see high definition graphic on widescreen mode. Other features are LED backlit and anti-glare technology. Dell uses specific technology to maintain visibility of laptop when using it in daylight. Blue-light control manages emissions to prevent tiredness of your eyes. To enhance capability of screen, this laptop uses GPU from NVidia. Further specification will be explained in the next section.

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Features of Dell Inspiron i7559-2512BLK

Dell Inspiron i7559-12623RED uses Intel Core i7 6700HQ. It is the latest generation of Intel Core series. Basic capacity is 2.6 GHz and it can be upgraded up to 3.5 GHz. It is the biggest capability you can find in laptop. To support processor, the RAM is 8 GB DDR3L. RAM can do multitasking commands efficiently and deliver what processor intends to do. For gaming, both of specs are very suitable. You need processor which is capable to keep it at optimal condition during heavy pressure. You will send excessive commands and need to execute them in no time. RAM acts as the bridge to manage this situation. You can do multitasking jobs without worry for lagging or stuttering on graphic. Cooling system keeps the processor at normal temperature and prevents overheating.

For storage, this best laptop for engineering student relies on 1 TB HDD and 8 GB SSD. You can save many files without running out of space. This storage can handle HD movies, music, photos, image, document, etc. You still have enough space for installation. 8 GB SSD is enough for Windows 10 64-bit. With SSD, this laptop becomes faster. User is able to access application without losing too much time.  GPU is NVidia GeForce GTX 960M with capacity 4 GB. You can see crystal clear on screen. With this graphic, your task to overcome quest during gaming will be easier.

Besides the main specs, several high-grade parts are available in this laptop. Connectivity relies on Wi-Fi adapter 802.11ac, Bluetooth 4.0, and LAN adapter. Gamer is able to enjoy playing with others around the world through internet connection. Dell makes sure that gamer or user will receive ultra-fast and stable connection. Audio system is one of advantages of Dell Inspiron i7559-12623RED. MaxxAudio Pro creates high quality sound when you play the audio files. Internal speakers are equipped with stereo and subwoofer. You can play the game in loudspeaker mode and still listen anything that come out from speaker. It is suitable for watching HD movie. No noise make everything sounds good and elegant. Dell Inspiron i7559-12623RED has port to headset and microphone. You can record voice with this part. Other additional parts are USB 3.0 for faster data transfer, Card reader, and HDMI port. 6-cell lithium ion is ready to support 10 hours of work relentlessly. Therefore, Dell Inspiron i7559-12623RED is definitely excellent laptop for heavy task.

Pros and Cons of Dell Inspiron i7559-2512BLK

After reading about specs and features of Dell Inspiron i7559-12623RED, you are able to make the list of pros and cons. This list is important for people to make decision before picking this laptop at store.

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  • Intel Core i7 gives ultimate processing task and you don’t have to add anything at all.
  • Premium laptop always comes in fancy, yet elegant design.
  • HD resolution on screen will show what you want to see vividly and nothing can hide, particularly during gaming.

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  • RAM capacity is still 8 GB. Although it is reliable, 16 GB might be better.
  • It has limited SSD storage. 8 GB is not enough to install more applications.



Having laptop with high-grade specs is what people want. With many choices on market, you need to be careful to pick one of them. Dell Inspiron i7559-12623RED is strongly recommended if you want to experience what premium laptop should be.

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ASUS K501UX Gaming Laptop Core i7 Review

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This best core i7 laptop is one of the cheap gaming laptop. Asus is always smart in creating the gaming specification in their Asus laptops for sale. We can see these possibilities through some of the new stuff that are produced by this company. Now you can experience the gaming sensation without needed to carry large sized CPU anywhere. All you need to do is just to complete the facilities of your gaming with the all new Asus gaming laptop. It has a lot of features that might not be found in the other type of gaming laptop in the market. So what are the things that make this gaming series laptop from Asus is so special? Well, let’s take a look around for its specs for more details.

ASUS K501UX Gaming Laptop Under 1000

Finding gaming laptop is like choosing the best among the best. Although there are so many competitors, there will always be a reason why you need to pick the best gaming asus laptop as the final choice. After releasing some of the product to the market, now Asus is announcing the release of Asus K501UX version. It is the laptop that is intended for better gaming experience. The specifications are also improved to ensure that you get the best performance for all the games you love to play.

ASUS K501UX Features

The word gaming seems simple, but actually it is very complicated especially when we choose the most appropriate version of laptop to fulfill our needs. Luckily, you have great choice from Asus laptop price. This K501UX bring you Intel Core i7 processor which is pretty smart in processing heavy software as well as heavy games.

This is possible because the college laptop is also having support from the other parts. They are the presence of 8GB RAM, 64 bit Windows and also some other new technologies that are applied inside.  In order to store all of your game data, you will be supported with its 256GB of SSD hard drive. Asus is really considered the basic function for this laptop for under 1000.

They do not place any large HDD because they are pretty sure that the buyers of these best Asus laptop are only focusing for their gaming experience. This is different with some other laptop from Asus that are tending to be used for work so they have larger capacities of HDD. This small HDD will not be a problem for you who love to play full HD 3D games through your portable computer. Asus solve the entire gamer question about the lightweight and portable laptop for gaming.

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Pros and Cons of ASUS K501UX

After you know some of the benefit that is contained in this best asus laptop review, you must be curious about the cons or the disadvantages as well. You can directly consider by yourself after you read about the specification of its HDD.

This small HDD is good for the real gamers because they will not store so much data inside the laptop. However, for the people that has the gaming hobbies as well as doing work for some other days will need more space of HDD. The risks are of course the higher pricing later.

Although the cons make people doubt to purchase this best programming laptop, there are some attractive aspects that will make sure that this gaming laptop is the best Asus laptops reviews to choose. You can find its attractive features on the Turbo technology for the processor unit. As you know, the processor of this best video editing laptop is only 2.5 GHz. If you are working with the heavy games, this processor can activate its turbo features so it is able to reach up to 3.1 GHz. For a laptop under $800, this one is very worth to buy.

ASUS F555UA-EH71 Laptop Review

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Do you want to upgrade your old laptop because of the low specifications? Well, today you can find a lot of laptop that bring the great specification inside its machine. Lot of the products is really worth to buy. It is good if you can consider one product from Asus. It is the manufacturer that continuous producing many high specification laptops to fulfill everybody needs. To welcome the year, now Asus is introducing the newest cheap asus laptop that are pretty impressive. This best budget laptop brings great performance that can beat the high features professional laptop in the market.

The use of professional laptop is very important especially if you need to do some computing system which is more complex. You can now turn your Asus laptops for sale to be the video editor, game player as well as the hardworking partner in your daily time. This is a newest product of Asus that does not belong to the Zenbook. It means that the design of the laptop will not be as slim as the Zenbook series – top ultrabook laptop. In the other hand, we can say that Asus stressing in function, not in design. To ensure about the whole performance, you have to check its specs.

Best Deal ASUS Laptop F555UA-EH71


Features of ASUS F555UA-EH71 Laptop

Spying the specification of best laptop for under 1000, we might be little bit surprised. This best laptop for programming is already carrying Intel Core i7 as the processor. The presence of this processor will make the best Asus laptops work properly for any situation, any software and even any process inside. The awesome thing about the processor is that it brings 4MB cache with 2.5 GHz possibilities. When it comes to the hardworking, the engine can force it reach 3.1 GHz as well. Another support that you will get from this stuff is the presence of UMA Graphics. It will make your 3D files appear pretty smooth. Some port such as HDMI and VGA are also available in the sides.

It seems useless if a good processor does not supported by using the great memory or RAM. You are pretty lucky then. As you know, the size of the RAM for this product is 8GB. It shows how great the performance of the laptops is later. It already uses 1600 MHz SDRAM. The data storage options are also maximized by Asus. With this best asus laptop, you will be supported by 1 TB with 5400RPM of hard drive works. Asus is also never forgetting about the connectivity by adding both 2.0 and 3.0 USB port that can improve the function of this laptop. And Bluetooth 4.0.

With all of its professional specification, it seems good for this best laptop for video editing reviews to run in Windows 10 64 bit. Most of the people are too afraid of the battery life because this laptop is having a very great performance options. It has a very powerful performance in its battery power. Now you will have the best laptop for photo editing in your hand with a very long battery life. The user interface is also great because it applies full size keyboard with large sized touchpad that prevent fatigue during typing.

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Pros and Cons of ASUS F555UA-EH71 Laptop

All the cons are exactly mentioned, however for the cons, we have to think twice. From the price which is under $700, we can conclude that this best laptop for under $700 is really cheap. This is a complete feature of laptop that is dreamed by everyone. The bad thing for this product is the thickness and the weight that will bother you. It is good if you do not make the weight of best Asus laptop as a problem. However if you want the same features with lighterlaptop, you can choose Zenbook with its higher price.