Cheap ASUS K55A-DS51 15.6-Inch Laptop (OLD)

Good laptop for under $500 – Organizing the daily files and works using the standard features laptops is already enough. The price of standard laptop will not cost so much. However, are you sure about having the powerful performance from that type of laptops? Are you sure that you will only use the best Asus laptop for organizing the office needs?

Asus K55A-DS51 Laptop for Sale The Cheap One

We are growing; sometimes we will need to use the laptop for harder activity. You will need to do some photo editing, video editing and even play some 3D games. All these activities remain impossible to be done by using the standard featured laptop. Asus reveals some high specification laptop to the market.

This is already awaited by the people especially they who are looking for the high performance laptop with affordable price. Wait, how it can be affordable? Of course, it is really considered to be affordable because Asus will only place under $500 of price for its newest version of advanced laptop. This is the price for Asus K55A-DS51. Asus is never stopping their improvements efforts in making laptop. These Asus laptops for sale are one of the work results that must be appreciated. You have to check its detailed specification for sure.

Performance of Asus K55A-DS51 

When some of the people are choosing laptop only based on the design and style, you have to think different. You need the cheap Asus laptops that are capable to support your work. That is why some lists of advanced and medium laptops are needed. K55A is one of the best laptops under $500 that belongs to the medium series. In this occasion we will talk about the old version. The newest version is already available, it bring the similar specs with higher price. So it also shows that the old version is recommended for you who want to save more budgets.

As the laptop which is made for medium multimedia usage, Asus put large screen size for their Asus laptop review. It can be concluded from its 15.6 inch of screen width. It give you pleasure in managing some visuals like photo, image, video or another application and software that contain some details. All your work will be done well through this high quality portable laptop. So, there must be several reasons why you need to choose the old version than the newest version. You can find them in this review.

Pros and Cons of Asus K55A-DS51

Created to be the high performance laptop does not make Asus is forget to complete the other features of cheap laptop below $500? All the features are almost perfect for you. There are no improvements that are not valuable. Almost everything is made greatly. The first elements that make you feel so lucky to have the laptop are the presence of its 8GB memory. It already uses DDR3 version so you can ensure that the speed is unbeatable. Other pros that are will benefit you from buy Asus laptop is the presence of its huge HDD. It contains 750GB as the place for you to store things.

The available HDD size is already good to be used for light work and daily use. However, it can be a problem if you are having higher activates with your data. The presence of its 750 GB will need to be enlarged. This can be one of the disadvantages to have these Asus laptops reviews. It should be fulfilled with larger HDD as people’s hope. However, everything is fine since it carry high quality hardware for graphics. It is Intel HD graphics 4000 that can raise a great quality of visual through your Windows 8 operating system inside.

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