ASUS X555UB Laptop Review

Asus X555UB 15.6-Inch Full HD Laptop (6th Generation Intel Core i5 6200U, 2.3GHz, 8GB RAM, 1TB 7200rpm HDD, NVIDIA GeForce...

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Adjusting the laptop to our need is a must. IT will be stressful if you choose the low specification laptop to do some hard processing software. Everything will be messy if you are not doing the careful choice of laptop. As the solution, you can take a look at some product of Asus laptops for sale that are available in market.

Between all the new products that are released this year, Asus is also introducing its newest laptop that brings a very spacious performance and specification especially for graphics. Since the born of laptop, desktop computer is become very unpractical to be used. Lots of people including them who are doing graphic design, gaming and editing are needs something which is powerful as well as portable.

That is one of the reason why Asus is making the newest Asus laptop with its NIVIDIA GeForce 940M. From its graphic hardware, we can conclude the performance of the laptop especially when it is used as the part of your daily activity. Let’s get more details about the specification and performance before buy cheap laptops.

ASUS X555UB Laptop Best Laptop Under 700 Dollars

The specification of newest Asus laptop is really breakthrough. We know that most of the predecessor is working on the i3 processor. It is a great improvement because Asus is now running its products mostly in i5. This is the processor that is capable to do hard work even with the small amount of RAM. As the support, Asus does not playing around with their newest Asus laptop price put 8GB DDR3 of RAM for its data reading solution. Now you can get a lot of high performance through its specification inside. Everything will be represented in its high quality HD monitor that has 15.6 inch of size.

Considering the size of the monitor, we can conclude that these best Asus laptop is pretty good to be used for various activities such as working, gaming and even watching HD movies. One thing that becomes the key features of this laptop is the presence of its special graphic card. Most of the new laptops are provided with high processor without the presence of great graphic cards. Now Asus is answering your pray. It brings the new NIVIDIA GeForce as the main graphic processing unit. It brings the 3D and full HD element smoothly.

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Asus X555UB 15.6-Inch Full HD Laptop (6th Generation Intel Core i5 6200U,...

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Pros and Cons ASUS X555UB Laptop

There are so many reasons for you to purchase this product as one of your working partner. One of the reasons is to choose these Asus laptop review because of its high performance processor. The processor is Intel Core i5 that is the 6th generation from Intel products for i5 series. This processor will give you 3MB cache with 2.3 GHz processor speed. It will gain the extra boost especially when you are running heavy apps or in the condition when your laptop needs more effort to process your daily works.

After working maximally in the segment of processor, Asus make sure that their Asus laptops reviews are also having spacious display for all of the customers. It can be realized with the presence of its LED backlit display. The display can reveal 1920 x 1080 full HD quality that will ensure your eye comfort especially when you are opening full HD videos as well as playing full HD movies and games. Its NIVIDIA graphic card is having the ability to produce 2GB of dedicated video memory. One thing that is bad for this laptop, it is the presence of very high price which is not less than $700. It makes people think twice in purchasing the product.