Lenovo Thinkpad 11E Review

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Lenovo Thinkpad 11E Review. Do you want to get good laptop even when you can only spend some money for it? Well, of course, you can definitely find one. It is not impossible at all after all. Since it won’t result in anything if you go aimlessly, it is better to take and consider recommendations from others.

If you ask us for such thing, we would gladly recommend you with the best lenovo laptop here. This laptop is the one known as Lenovo Thinkpad 11E 11.6” Notebook. So, what do you think you can get from this laptop here? Currently, it is priced under pretty cheap price. Let’s see the things you can benefit from it below.

Lenovo Thinkpad 11E Laptop’s Decent Power

It is a given for people to be wary of laptop’s features when it comes to the one priced within cheap price range. However, there is nothing good coming from thinking negatively about it. Even when laptop is tagged with cheap price, sometimes there are unexpectedly good things from it, you see. This Lenovo laptop here for example, is praised due to its decent power. Choose the one powered by Intel N2940 1.83GHz Quad-Core Processor. With its power, it can bring you great performance results you need.

Well, of course, even when it performs outstandingly, it is still maintained to be energy-efficient. As expected from the best affordable laptop, there are truly unexpected things in it. For you to know, this laptop is also equipped with 4GB DDR3 Memory. This will allow multitasking power for the laptop. So, you should be able to do more than one kind of activities with it. Many laptops with higher price would allow something like this. You can say that getting it in cheap price is quite a deal, right?

Spacious Storage

Even when laptop has been performing well due to its decent power, we are sure that you must have hoped to get good storage from it. Yes, there is nothing better from getting plenty of space to store your things in. When it comes to laptop, you must have agreed that we need lots of space to keep all of our files, ranging from ones with small file size, like music to ones with larger size, like movie. Surely, there are all sorts of things people want to store inside their laptop. So, lots of space is needed in laptops.

However, there is nothing to worry about in this best seller laptop from Lenovo. It offers you as much as 500GB SATA Hard Drive to let store all those things. There will be no need to look for other space from other kind of storage. As long as you manage the things you store, that memory size should be enough. Of course, it is more than enough to begin with for you. This is truly great to get that much of size in this cheap-priced laptop. You can expect no less from Lenovo, indeed. You do get what you need.

Stunning Display With Enhanced Viewing

You know, power and storage are not the only things Lenovo can promise to satisfy you. Even if it is not heavy-duty type of laptop, you must have still hoped for good graphics, right? Well, it is only natural for people to wish such thing. There is no one who would feel fine to see unsatisfying view from their laptop. At least, the laptop can promise well enough clarity for us. If it is like this, you would be happy enough to make your purchase of it. You can see clear view.

However, this is not how far you can benefit from this laptop. You need to know that this laptop offers you high definition display with stunning clarity. Not to mention, with the existence of integrated Intel HD Graphics, you will get enhanced viewing that is just the best compared than the others. Lenovo sure makes this laptop worth to take into account even when it is priced within very affordable price range. You would never know this if you never even consider of looking through it.

Great Portability

Other thing for sure that you would want to know from this Lenovo laptop is that it has great portability to offer to you. Well, we know that it is a notebook. So, it is a given for it to be portable to begin with. However, even among notebooks, there are the ones considered as the best, you see. Depending on your preference in portability, this laptop might and might not be the best choice for you. You will need to know product dimensions here.

As it was said earlier, this has great portability. You can expect good things from it. Among those things would be that it has pretty much compact body compared to the others. Its product dimensions are 8.5 inches x 11.81 inches x 0.87 inches. It sure is thin, right? As for its weight, it actually weighs for 3.3 pounds only. Now, you can be sure it is lightweight for you. Bringing it around with you wouldn’t feel like a hassle anymore. It truly is something easy to deal with, you see.

Reported Cons from Customers

Great performance with multitasking power, plenty of space in storage, stunning clarity with enhanced viewing and great portability have been parts of what we call as the pros of this Lenovo laptop we are talking about here. Actually, these are not things you would easily get from cheap laptops. That is why you can say that they are the good deals coming from this laptop here that shouldn’t be ignored at all. How about the cons then? Well, of course, even laptop this good must have lacked on some things.

However, upon reading customer reviews about this laptop, there seems to be no problem at all in its features. The only downside customers experience is about getting an error on their first try of using it upon its arrival. Something like this might just be due to external factors. It is because there are many others that do just fine with this laptop here. See? We are sure that you feel certain about it being best seller now. There almost seems to be no cons in it. Remembering that it is priced very affordably, you can say that it goes beyond being called as good deal. It is the best deal ever.