HP Chromebook 11 G4 11.6 Inch Laptop Review

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Called HP Chromebook 11 G4 as laptop might confuse some readers. You may hear about portable computer with many names such laptop, notebook, netbook, ulltrabook, etc. People use those terms to simplify difficult description about product. HP Chromebook 11 G4 is a cheap laptop may suitable for entry user. Put aside dispute about the name, you can allocate attention into specifications and features. If you are not familiar with Chromebook, it is time to try something new. Basically, Chromebook is laptop that uses Chrome OS and intends to support for surfing via internet. Chrome OS is modified Linux from Google to accommodate the products such as Gmail, Photo, Drive, Chrome browser, etc. Chromebook is not Windows or OS X. For further explanation and description, you can read the next sections.

Design and Display

Before exploring specs inside HP Chromebook 11 G4, you can take a moment to see closely every inch of this device. To express simple and modern style, manufacturer uses black as color. This product belongs to 11 inch laptop. This category is the entry-level laptop, which compete fiercely with tablet. Back to design aspect, HP iconic emblem can be seen in front and below the screen. It still has classic clamshell shape and silver color around touchpad and keyboard. Moreover, several ports are available on the left and right. You can plug USB drive and some audio cables.

As it mentioned above, the screen size is 11.6-inch. You get this number from diagonal length of screen. Maximum resolution is 1366 x 768 pixels. You can see clear graphic on the screen. During streaming video, this resolution helps to retrieve HD quality at YouTube. Graphic card is Intel HD Graphics which is integrated into processor. Other features are LED backlit and anti-glare. Aspect ratio is 16:9 and the display is at widescreen mode. HP adds HD webcam to capture photo or video call. With such specification, HP Chromebook 11 G4 is eligible to play online game and watch the HD movie.


The processor is Intel Celeron N2840. RAM capacity is 2 GB and 16 GB SSD for storage. Intel Celeron in this Chromebook is refinement series. Intel upgrades this product to make the affordable product, but capable to do extensive tasks. Chromebook will work better when connected to the internet. To do such thing, you need Wi-Fi adapter. 802.11bgn is ready to handle the connectivity section. Combination between RAM, processor, and Wi-Fi adapter are essential for Chromebook. With these specs, you can do multitasking command. User is able to browse and edit the data while streaming music at the same time.

HP Chromebook 11 G4 uses what people needs the most to work and study. This laptop is suitable for student which they can work using cloud system with friends then sending the result to teacher. It also provides the high accessibility because SSD makes everything faster. The laptop is ready in no time after you press the button. Other features are USB 2.0 and 3.0 ports. 3.0 is new technology and designed to replace 2,0. However, several external devices are still using 2.0 model. You do not have to use external part to transfer the data using 2.0 port. HP Chromebook 11 G4 has Bluetooth and audio jack input/output. Internal speaker is available to assist users when they want to listen songs in loudspeaker mode. In addition, Li-ion battery will supply this laptop for long time usage.

After exploring its hardware, the next thing is operating system. Chrome OS is like using browser to do everything. This OS is already installed and it automatically receives the update. To get optimum functions of HP Chromebook 11 G4, you need continuous internet. However, user does not have to worry about this thing. Chrome OS has several basic applications from Google. It can be accessed using offline mode. When you are done and get the internet, your work and apps will automatically synchronize to online mode. This feature makes Chromebook reliable. Besides student, this laptop is good for home-based worker or online trader.

Pros and cons

From specifications and features above, you already understand HP Chromebook 11 G4 thoroughly. It is time to make objective pros and cons review. Put what you see as benefit into pros list and vice versa. There are several points that can be the vital consideration.

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  • It is compact and light in weight.
  • Chrome OS gets easy access to Google’s products.
  • It is completed with faster Wi-Fi adapter.
  • HD screen is in small display.
  • You get free online storage from Google.

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  • You need time to accustom with features and applications.
  • It is not recommended for storing huge files.
  • You need internet connection to get the fullest function.



Google makes sure that everything in Chromebook is fitted with user needs. As one of prominent manufacturers in computer industry, HP transforms what Chromebook should be into HP Chromebook 11 G4. If you need laptop with specialty to work at cloud system, this one is the product you have to buy. HP Chromebook 11 G4 combines portability with functionality. At last, it is time to replace old laptop with HP Chromebook 11 G4.