Cheap HP 15-af131dx Laptop Review

Cheap laptop with DVD/CD Drive – Intel and AMD dominate processor supplier on market. In fact, your laptop uses one of them. HP 15-af131dx incorporates AMD as the main processor. You cannot underestimate AMD capability. Of course Intel is popular, but it does not mean AMD is in the lower level. Market for laptop is very tough and strict. Manufacturers try to fulfill the existing market while producing the new demand.

HP 15-af131dx

HP 15-af131dx P1A95UA Laptop is not your replacement for tablet. Functionality and capability are different, though some of them might be similar. It is the device which suitable to handle daily task and less resource. When you need browsing or open the email, this laptop is quite handy. You can enjoy watching movie and listening favorite music in this laptop. In this article, HP 15-af131dx will be explored more to get the comprehensive review.

The Design and Display

Some people ask about 15.6 inches for laptop. They think this size is above average of 14 inches and less than big 17 inches. HP 15-af131dx P1A95UA Laptop has 15.6 inches screen that fall in this category. Market for this size is not as big as 14 inches. In spite of the size, HP introduces this laptop to fill the gap between people who want to do daily task, but need entertainment aspect. With bigger screen, you can follow data as easy and clear. At same time, you can enjoy watching HD movie with no lagging. This laptop is capable to play several games. The color is black with metal effect on back and front part. You can see HP emblem to recognize it easily.

For 15.6 inches laptop, HP 15-af131dx P1A95UA Laptop has maximum resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels. Compared to laptop in the same size but in higher level, this resolution is slightly lower. However, you can still see clear graphic on the screen and smooth movement of character when watching action movie. Screen mode is HD widescreen with backlit LED. Display hardware relates to GPU. For this matter, HP 15-af131dx uses AMD Radeon R4 with capacity up to 2 GB.

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To handle processing data and command, HP 15-af131dx as one of good laptop with CD drive, relies on AMD A6 5200 APU. RAM capacity is 4 GB DDR3L. For storage, HP provides 500 GB HDD. As you can see, the processor for this laptop is not what you expect to play high-end game. A6 series from AMD is fitted for your small company to handle more frequent jobs such as ordering, sending data, etc. 500 GB is enough to put your digital files safely. You can save files such as movie, audio, picture, document, spreadsheet, and photo. Several applications can be installed to support your work. Since the capacity is only 500 GB, you might need external storage to save more files. Pick software and application wisely before installing them in this laptop.

Nowadays, connectivity is important. For internet connection, HP 15-af131dx has Wi-Fi adapter 802.11bgn and LAN port. VGA camera is available to support video call. Audio is another good part of HP 15-af131dx. It has dual and stereo speaker from DTS Studio Audio. You can play songs without too much disturbance and produces vivid sound in loudspeaker mode. DTS Studio Sound gives utmost experience as you watch movie via home theater. Additional parts of HP 15-af131dx are DVD drive, USB port, keyboard, touchpad, and card reader. HP 15-af131dx offers what customer needs the most. If you want laptop with high portability and functionality, this device should be on the top list. Battery capacity is quite big. It supplies power for laptop to stand more than five hours without charging. As similar to other produces, HP provides technical assistant and legitimate warranty tor this product. Windows 10 64 bit is already installed for customers.

Pros and Cons

It is very difficult to judge whether a laptop is good or not. HP 15-af131dx P1A95UA Laptop might be inferior when you take one-on-one comparison with gaming or professional laptops. This product is placed in certain segment where customers only need functionality and ability. Every product has its own specialty and customers. HP 15-af131dx is produced and introduced by HP because there is demand for this kind of laptop. HP has been on business for decades and understands what customer wants. Manufacturer intends to sell the laptop to fill certain gap.

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  • It is designed in simple design and there is no fancy action.
  • It is quite light in weight compared to laptops in the same size.
  • AMD processor works faster than the others.
  • It is compatible with windows 10.

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  • 15.6-inch is too big for daily day device.
  • 500 GB might not be enough when your business becomes constantly big.
  • It is not recommended for high-end gaming.



If you like something different, AMD A6 processor might be good choice to try. HP 15-af131dx P1A95UA Laptop will give you the utmost experience with AMD products. It is not high-end laptop, so do not expect for NVidia or ultimate GPU. Your work is easy but the quantity is huge. HP 15-af131dx lets your slate clean and ready for the next task. Enjoy movie and music to relax your tension and mind. Therefore, HP 15-af131dx P1A95UA Laptop is definitely valuable laptop.

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