HP 14-an013nr Laptop Review

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HP Laptop is always producing the best laptop to satisfy its users. The latest version of Windows 10 Home on HP 14-an013nr Notebook is give friendly user interface. However, the best thing about this product is located on its hardware specification. Both processor and graphics card is able to do fast processing. Its screen resolution is no less impressive than the hardware configuration. It is good for playing video with up to 1080p. Users can swipe across the touchpad smoothly. Wide array of ports are also available along the side of the laptop as well. For an excellent product, this series is worth considering.

Design and Display of HP 14-an013nr

The most notable thing about the design is its bulky shape. The product dimension is 9.5 by 13.6 inch with thickness of almost an inch. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that the weight of it is up to 3.9 pounds. Despite its thick design, it is surprisingly portable. Users are able to carry it around anywhere. This product is particularly designed for college students who need easy access to portable computer. Being a compact laptop, it can fit into their school bags perfectly. It comes in elegant black color with reinforced plastic material. Line texture can be found all over its surface.

From its series name, HP 14-an013nr is categorized into laptop with 14 inch of screen size. This screen is featuring full high definition resolution. The IPS innovation is also included in the screen as well. Users will find its Brightview satisfying. Moreover, it is also using WLED backlit feature to satisfy its users. As a laptop with 14 inch of screen size, it has good resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels. The wide viewing angle provided by this product is good for playing users favorite movie with 1080p quality. Due to its impressive screen specification, it is safe for user to expect much from the screen performance.

Features of HP 14-an013nr

HP always takes the hardware specification as its priority concern. In order to process the system faster and give reliable performance, it combines processor and graphics card from the same technology. When the market is full of laptop with the same method to improve its performance by combining Intel hardware, HP 14-an013nr chooses to use AMD technology instead. The processor relies on AMD quad core  E2-7110 QC that runs on 1.8 GHz of clock speed. Meanwhile, the graphics card incorporates AMD Radeon R2. This combination will speed up the processing significantly. However, this hardware specification might not be suitable for gaming purposes. It is designed particularly for internet access and movie streaming.

Since it is not designed for gaming purposes, HP 14-an013nr only uses 4 GB of RAM capacity. Some game with lower RAM requirement can run smoothly on this compact laptop. Its RAM is supported by DDR3L-SDRAM memory to enhance its quality. Meanwhile, the storage is only 32 GB but it’s SSD. This capacity is definitely needs more upgrade as most of its rivals are already equipped with bigger space. It is also important to point out that this might not something to be complained about, particularly when it is aiming to mid class customers.

The bulky design of this model provides enough room for ports along the side and back of HP 14-an013nr. Users are able to plug their drive from its USB ports. Both USB version 2.0 and 3.0 are provided for fast data transfer. For users who wish to connect the laptop to output device, audio jack and Ethernet ports are provided as well. When doing school assignments, users will need to connect the device to internet or other device. To accommodate this demand, HP equips this laptop with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. The battery life of this product is also impressive. HP claims that it can last more than 10 hours.

Pros and Cons of HP 14-an013nr Laptop

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  • The full high definition screen provides satisfying viewing angle for users.
  • Processor and graphics card incorporate the same AMD technology to improve its performance.
  • It is packed with complete ports feature.
  • The battery life last longer than average laptop on the same price.

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  • The RAM is not suitable for gaming purposes.
  • Its hard drive capacity still can be improved.



HP 14-an013nr is the best option for college students who need portable computer. Despite having bulky design, users can easily carry it around on their backpack. The popular method of using the same technology for processor and graphics card to improve its quality is applied in this model. Wide screen that comes along with high resolution is able to satisfy users who want to play their favorite multimedia from the laptop. However, the RAM specification might not allow user to play game with high RAM requirement. The hard drive cannot store too many files as well. These minor drawbacks are definitely tolerable since this device is offered at inexpensive price.