HP 13-c110nr Laptop Review

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On the first impression, users will be able to see that HP Stream 13.3-Inch Laptop has outstanding color. This attractive cobalt blue laptop is aiming for middle section of customers. Some specification might not be satisfying the customers, but it is offered in lower price than average laptop. It is designed for three main purposes. It makes users able to surf the internet easily. Students can take advantage of this striking laptop to complete their assignment. Meanwhile, it does an excellent performance for regular office tasks as well. It is full of innovations and features that improve its performance significantly. This series is recommended for users who want to get affordable laptop.

Design and Display

HP 13-c110nr has striking color. It is available with cobalt blue and violet purple, that drags the attention of its customers. Its vibrant color is made out of harden plastic material as shell. The keyboard frame incorporates brushed texture of the same color to give artistic looking. Meanwhile, the key is using white color. Despite it looks contrast, yet it manages to perfectly fit with the color theme. It has lightweight profile that allows users to carry it on their bag at ease. The product dimension is 13.1 by 9 inches with thickness of 0.8 inch. With weight of 3.42 pounds, it will not be too much burden for users. They will be able to carry it around without any problem.

As the series code suggests, the screen size of HP 13-c110nr is 13.3 inch laptop. This screen has resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels. For display with low screen resolution, the image presented is surprisingly clear and crisp. The display is also supported with LED-lit screen feature as well. For gaming purposes, such resolution is definitely not enough. However, it is considered plentiful for users who only need it for completing their office works or school assignments. The interface is relatively easy to navigate as it uses latest version of Windows 10.

Features of HP 13-c110nr

The most important component for laptop is the processor, graphics card, and RAM. Incorporating high quality processor to improve HP 13-c110nr performance will improve its production cost as well. This will end up making the price rising higher. Since it aims for mid class customers, HP improves its performance by unique way. This best laptop under 300 use the same Intel technology for processor and graphics card. The processor used in it is Intel Celeron N3050 that runs in 1.6 GHz of clock speed. It is paired with Intel high definition graphics card. The performance of this combo is surprisingly higher than most of its rivals. Since it only collaborates with the same technology, the price is not rising.

RAM is the next crucial things to discuss, particularly when selecting affordable laptop. The RAM capacity is only 2 GB. For some users it might seem small. It actually does smaller than products manufactured by its rivals. However, since HP 13-c110nr Laptop is exclusively design for light tasks, this RAM is rather excessive. Some users underestimate the importance of hardware specification when they are looking for laptop. It turns out that the storage space allocated for it is disappointing. Users will not be able to do much with its 32 GB worth of hard drive capacity. Although it is already featuring SDRAM, the hardware capacity is not sufficient. However, for cheap laptop, the low storage capacity is not something to be complained about.

In order to compensate with some major drawbacks, HP equips HP 13-c110nr with several features. The keyboard uses solid platform that is suitable for users who need to interact with keyboard all the time. The responsive touchpad is also impressive. It is proved consistent even if users perform multi touch controlling with it. Contrary to popular believe, touchpad with distinctive texture is not improving its sensitivity. It is only going to make users’ fingers hurt. Therefore, HP 13-c110nr is using sleek touchpad design without any texture at all. As middle class laptop, the battery life is only 7 hours.

Pros Cons of HP 13-c110nr

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  • Its cobalt blue chassis is attractive.
  • Both keyboard and touch pad are comfortable to use.
  • The same technology for processor and graphics card improves its performance.
  • The price for this series is affordable

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  • RAM and hard drive capacity is limited.
  • The display is somehow not satisfying
  • Battery life is short, constant charging might needed.



HP 13-c110nr Laptop is mostly recommended for students or office employee. It does its job perfectly when being used for online surfing or taking notes. The RAM and hard drive might not be the best. However, processor paired with graphics card is relatively decent. The specification is not intentionally upgraded to maintain its cheap price. However, the short battery life is rather disappointing. Therefore, it is suggested that users not using the laptop to play their favorite video game. It will burden the system that leads to game lag.