When buying gaming laptop, you only focus on one thing. It is about high-performance. The device has to be faster than standard product. This article will explore the gaming laptop buying guide as useful reference before picking product at store. Several aspects should be understood to prevent buying the wrong laptop. Instead of getting the best gaming laptop, you will end up with laptop in standard specs.

Gaming laptop is in different category with others. In general, you are able to play the game in low-level laptop but not for advanced game. When talking about gaming laptop, people focus on device to play the sophisticated games without any lagging on screen. The main processor can execute command and the keyboard is very convenient. This kind of device will cost much money than the standard one. Gaming laptop can be classified as premium because of high quality specification and the price is expensive.

gaming laptop buying guide

Things to Consider Before Buying Gaming Laptop



The first thing you should consider when buying gaming laptop is portability. There are three main categories in size. You can pick the small, medium, or big display with various weights. Small size has 13 to 14 inches display. It is recommended for gamer who like to play anywhere. This size is regular in standard laptop. Besides portability, this small size laptop has longevity of battery life. You can use it more than five hours without need to plug it into AC socket. However, small size means less space. 14 inches laptop has the lower specification than the bigger one.

Medium size of gaming laptop is 15 inch. It is versatile size because gamer can carry anywhere at ease and they are still capable to play high-end game. The specification of medium size is bigger than small one, but it is smaller than the big one. For high-resolution display, you can get bigger size. Gaming laptop with 17 inches can deliver ultra-fast processing. This product has much space for internal hardware. You can find top product with highest specification belongs in this category.


Gaming laptop buying guide puts graphic on the list because it is very essential during gaming. Standard processor already has graphic chip and it is integrated into the main core. However, the capacity and capability of the chip is limited. Even though you get the recent generation of processor, external graphic car is necessary. Graphic card brings utmost performance on display. You can see the characters move smoothly and you can explore the detail without any stuttering.

NVidia is commonly used in gaming laptop. This brand is famous with high capability of graphic card and it can be adjusted with any processor. For gaming, you need to pick card with quality above GeForce GTX 950. For your reference, graphic card for laptop is different to PC. Graphic card is called GPU and you need to dedicated memory mode with certain capacity.

For mainstream games, GTX 950M and 960M are better. This GPU can handle standard level of game and gives satisfied performance. With these GPU, gamer is still able to play advanced games with low setting. He needs to downsize visual setting on the game to prevent delaying on screen. For playing advanced game smoothly, you need to put GTX 970M or more. This GPU produces remarkable result on display. You do not need to set the graphic on low level. If you want to experience virtual reality, minimum GPU is GTX 980M. With this specs, gaming laptop can perform and synchronize perfectly with virtual reality device. Another option is using desktop version of 980M. For this matter, you should pick laptop with upgradable mode. The last GPU mode is SLI. If one GPU on laptop is not enough, manufacturer offers two or four GPU at the same time. SLI is Scalable Link Interface. It is the part of NVidia features to fulfill the gamer needs.


Audio is part of gaming laptop buying guide. Mostly, gamers use headset to listen the sound and audio. Manufacturer tries to put built-in speaker with stereo mode. Several genres on game need music and audio as the key to play. This kind of games is put on dance or music genre. Gamers need to listen carefully and try to accomplish the task. Lack of sound quality will affect ultimately to performance.

Keyboard and Touchpad

Most gaming laptops let user to plug external console. However, keyboard and touchpad are still important. You cannot rely on console every time and certain game is only keyboard-based game. To play the game, keyboard should be ergonomic and convenient. You can press the key one by one easily. There is tiny space between one key to others approximately 1 to 2 mm. Keyboard is international standard mode, so it is able to be used for many game.

In gaming laptop, touchpad is rarely used but still important. Laptop for gaming is in premium category, so touchpad should support any control. This part is responsive to light touch from finger and send command effectively. Sometimes, touchpad becomes console and it is similar to touchscreen mode. To increase visibility, touchpad and keyboard are equipped with LED backlit. This light can increase aesthetic side of laptop, besides very functional to find key quickly. Certain products have specific software to control backlit color. Gamer is able to pick several color based on existing choices.


CPU is the core machine of gaming laptop. Standard laptop is capable to play the game but in lower setting. Processor will take care data processing and command execution. Advanced game needs fast response in no time. You hit keyboard and automatically command has already executed. No delay is displayed. Two major companies offer excellent processor for gamers. You can pick Intel Core series or product from AMD. As you know, the processor only takes non-graphic task because this matter has been delegated to GPU.

Intel provides the latest generation of Core series for gamer to obtain optimum performance. Gaming laptop buying guide recommends sixth generation of Core series. They are called Skylake. To identify this series, user can see from code number. Skylake uses number 6 in its product such as Core i5 6200U. To get maximum performance, gaming laptop should have Intel Core i7. Buying lower than i5 is not recommended because it has low performance to play high-end game. However, you are able to pick i3 or i5 if the game is normal type. Choose Quad Core since it is better than Dual Core. You can identify this processor by ending letter HQ or HK. I make some review for Asus gaming laptop with intel core i7.

After getting the right processor, the next consideration is clock speed. When you read laptop specification, you will find 2.6 or 3.0 GHz. This number represents the speed of processor to do the task. Higher number shows high capability and surely it is more effective. Some Skylake chips can be upgraded with Turbo Boost to reach the maximum clock speed. This feature can be seen in specs list. You should ask seller about this matter.

After you are done with CPU, another crucial part is RAM. It is tools that act as bridge to send and deliver command from user to CPU. For gaming laptop, you need at least 8 GB. Having RAM capacity less than 8 GB is not strongly recommended. New technology on laptop lets user to customize RAM capacity. Manufacturer gives 8 GB with 16 to 32 GB as optional upgrade.


Storage for gaming laptop should faster and prevent delaying. Internal storage is the place to install and store files or applications, including games. For gaming, SSD is better than HDD. This technology is new in computing industry. SSD can work more than three times compared to standard HDD. Some manufacturers have already put this type of storage into their gaming products. However, SSD is more expensive than HDD. You can get 1 TB HDD in the same price as 256 GB SSD. If you do not have problem with money, SSD is better.

For HDD, you should pick 7200 rpm type. 1 TB is optimum space to save and install many things. User can put movie, photo, document, audio, spreadsheet, and still has enough space to upgrade the softwares. To accommodate SSD and HDD, you can pick laptop that contains both of types.


Purchasing gaming laptop needs much money than buying standard products. You should have at least $1000 to obtain optimum specifications. For the reference you can read my guide about best gaming laptops under 1000 Dollars. Price range between $1,000 and $2,000 will give you more than enough to play high-end game. You can choose this laptop from best gaming laptop under 1500 Dollars for that. You will get SSD and HDD storage in one product and also the processor is Quad core i7. Gaming laptop under 800 Dollars is a cheap gaming laptop but you can’t get maximum perfomance here.

Moreover, the price more than $2,000 belongs to the extraordinary gaming laptop. In this price range, specification is no longer problem. You will get many additional features and softwares. You should keep the budget based on your needs and preference. Money for laptop does not affect to other fields. You can enjoy product with stunning graphic and fast performance. Read this best gaming laptop for 2000 Dollars.


Which brand is better? There are several brands with prominent name in game devices. You can start to look closely for specification and features. Alienware is pioneer of gaming laptop and part of Dell Company. Prolific manufactures like ASUS develops ROG as specific laptop for gaming. ROG is Republic of Game. Next, you cannot ignore MSI as leading company in computing technology also produce MSI Gaming Laptops. Razer becomes good choice of brand if you want to feel like MacBook user in game area.

Each of brands has their own pros and cons. As part of gaming laptops, the specs are above standard product. The lowest gaming laptop is still better than the medium laptop from regular category. Therefore, gaming laptop buying guide will help you to pick the right product with high-end capability.