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Laptops are considered a vital need for everyone, especially for those with business jobs. With plenty of selections on the market and tight budget among many people, those who wish to get a good bargain for a business partner would immediately try to find the affordable laptop. However, no matter how powerful they are, cheap laptops will only provide qualities worthy of the particular price. Hardcore fans of laptop or people who need a real laptop with powerful specs and qualities worthy of higher price must leave the comfort zone and seek a better-quality business laptop. And now, Dell’s here with yet another breakthrough for such needs.

The nature of the old business laptops might’ve started the change. Many business laptops from the previous years are proven to be bland, boring, and low on specs and quality. Furthermore, laptops such as MacBooks and Surface Pros dominate the market mainly for their smooth and sexy design, powerful specs, and appeals no one can actually resist. Those who use laptops for business purposes cannot hold back the urge to buy them, either. To counter such condition, Dell decides to release a laptop entitled Latitude 7370, a bold choice to compete against the other laptops on the market.

Dell Latitude 7370 Laptop

Perfomance of Dell Latitude

Latitude 7370 was launched in March 8 this year, and it is a laptop designed with the latest perfection. Customers might find it the price rather skyrocketing, however. For the price over 1000 dollars, this laptop may seem rather out of touch for those who seek economic business laptops. This is the turning point where they are wrong, due to the fact that Latitude 7370 is built for that very purpose: A faithful, attractive, and amazing business laptop. This 13-inches laptop is simply an excellent choice which actually offers qualities that surpass its price and many of its competitors on the market.

Indeed, one can simply consider Latitude 7370 a premium business laptop. 16 GB of RAM, Intel Core M CPUs, and 512 GB of M.2 internal storage are merely the icings on the cake. The latest Thunderbolt 3 USB C port is applied for maximum data transfer performance. Of course, these specs are to be expected from premium laptops such as Latitude 7370. Another amazing and high-tech features Latitude 7370 offers is the vast selection of security controls, which is basically one of its main and prideful features.

Great Features

Fingerprint sensor, Intel vPro processors, built-in smart card reader, and Intel TPM chips are technologies that are still new to the laptops on the market. These security controls are all applied to Latitude 7370 for flexible and maximum comfort. The previously-mentioned Intel Core CPU of Latitude 7370, however, is not something considered amazing among fans. Intel Core m3, m5, and m7 are CPUs which are slightly weaker than the infamous Intel Core i3, i5, and i7 processors. Don’t be discouraged though, since the Intel Core m processors actually work at similar fashion compared to the fifth-generation Intel Core i CPUs. Aside from sufficient power for business purposes, the Intel Core m processors also grant Latitude 7370 a better efficiency in saving energy.


Dell Latitude 7370 Overview

Design of Latitude 7370 is considered ‘otherworldly’ for good reasons. It is a laptop with the amazing carbon fiber as the base material, granting the body equal performance, weave, and durability similar to the carbon fiber applied to the Space Shuttle. For more legitimate proof, Latitude 7370 is tested with MIL-SPEC 810 and shows promising results in defending itself against accidents. Its carbon fiber material gives Latitude 7370 a light weight and slim design. With only 1.12 kg of weight and 1.4 cm of thickness, it is a very compact laptop even by premium laptop standards.

One can argue that Dell has launched Latitude 7370 which basically surpasses even the cheap laptop. Still about the body design, Dell has applied a subtle beauty to the carbon fiber body. Finished with clear soft-touch, it creates the sophisticated and stealthy feels fitting for a premium laptop. A CNC aluminum lid is provided for more privacy touch to the screen. Speaking of the devil, its amazing 13.3 inches Infinite Display screen will leave the customers in awe. Fresh and simply amazing, one can choose to apply the 1920 x 1080 screen with anti-glare feature or a more exciting 3200 x 1800 WLED touchscreen.

Latitude is a staple series in the Dell line-ups, and 7370 is packed with such privilege. Fans of Latitude laptops will be amazed with the comfortable 7370’s keyboard. Exact key travel and resistance as well as built-in back lighting applied to the keyboard add more comfort to it. Latitude 7370 is also a perfect choice for those with the hobby of taking photos. Three additional data ports are applied to it, such as the SD card reader, micro HDMI, and the staple USB Type-A data port.

The news for Latitude 7370’s release was unveiled in 2015. And when the teaser was finally released during the CES 2016, many people couldn’t simply refuse to avert their eyes from it. Clearly, this shows that Latitude 7370 has stolen the heart of many fans. Although being a laptop with 4:3 aspect ratios which stands against the popular 16:9 aspect ratio laptops currently on the market, Latitude 7370 is simply an amazing laptop that can prove its worth to stand as a premium business laptop against the other laptops competing in the particular class.

Are you tired with the boring and weak business laptops on the market? Luckily, Dell has released Latitude 7370 in March 8 this year. Indeed, having the whopping price of 1,299 dollars may leave fans slightly terrified with Latitude 7370. However, thanks to its wonderful debut during CES 2016 and its actual beauties, one can hardly argue that the price doesn’t worth the quality and experience. Compared to other best laptop, Latitude 7370 is a premium laptop that can top them all. Amazing design and exciting performance can finally unite under one laptop, and Latitude 7370 will see the light of day as a faithful partner for your daily business jobs.