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Samsung XE513C24-K01US Chromebook Plus Touch-Screen Review

This Chromebook surfaced during the CES 2017, and it turned out to be a daring gesture from Samsung. Actually, Samsung made a statement with Plus, the Chromebook Pro and two versions which highlight the business’s obligation to Chrome OS. It’s additionally the first Chromebook raising a stylus and onscreen inking.

Plus and the Chromebook Pro are almost indistinguishable, safe for distinct central processing units. It’s a simple decision to urge, and in case you have a few dollar to spare for a well rounded Chromebook, this Samsung is worth a gander. I think this chromebook is not a good engineering laptop.

Samsung XE513C24-K01US Chromebook

Design and Characteristics

It is just over half an inch and is lightweight for day-to-day commute when closed. The 360-degree hinge lets the apparatus switch between notebook and tablet modes, much like many Windows notebooks that are convertible to be found in the marketplace.

But Chromebooks that is convertible aren’t a thing that is new, so what makes Samsung’s latest Chromebook distinct? Layout-wise, Samsung have contained never-seen-before features, notably the inclusion of a Stylus. For a long time, Samsung’s telephones and standalone tablet computers have gad styli, but seeing the exact same dribble down to Chromebooks is worth the hoopla, with the same accelerometers and gyroscopes. The flexibility to change between modes as well as stylus support are a large part of Google’s pitch for the apparatus, which is believed to work for amusement and productivity.

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The enclosed stylus may be used to write on the display, catch screenshots here and there, or as a “laser pointer” to emphasize matters. It can probably even be utilized have them immediately synced through Google’s optical character recognition, and to take notes in Google Keep. When you remove it, the stylus conveniently slips into a slot on the right or left side of the notebook, a menu of choices pops up on the display. And speaking of the computer keyboard, reactive and trackpad are extremely comfy, also, from my short tinker with them.

Connectivity is great, including USBC, a set of USB connectors that are reversible and also a MicroSD card slot. The USBC interfaces are multi- use and do support USB devices that are standard, you may also connect an HDMI- in the event you got the right adapters supporting computer screen. Nevertheless, it doesn’t come with a committed HDMI-out port. Internet connectivity comes via the more rapid and higher range 802.11ac 2×2 standard and additionally Bluetooth 4.0. Chromebooks don’t typically come with RJ45 interface, but in the event you need to use it here, a USBC to RJ45 adapter will certainly come easy. On the front, you’ll additionally discover a 720p front-facing camera and stereo speakers for audio.

On the Samsung XE513C24-K01US, we’re seeing seamless flexibility when changing between stylus and modes support, all which are Google’s pitch for the apparatus. Still, 4GB RAM and the ARM processor will fire-up your interaction with all the apparatus on most fronts without experiencing any slowdowns. You may also play with android games for example Asphalt 8 without any problems, which is rather great, and may be utilized for document processing on the go.


While much less accurate as Microsoft Surface Pro’s Surface Pen or the iPad Pro’s Apple Pencil, the Samsung Chromebook’s stylus is a decent add-on to get. After upon past, I’d shrug with enough power using a stylus, but with 2 in 1s in the marketplace and styli in the thought of a notebook, it’s a welcome attribute.

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Best Samsung Laptop 2017 | Notebook Reviews

Looking for best laptops from Samsung? Don’t worry you have come to the right place. I have listed for you about best samsung laptops 2017.

best samsung laptop

Daily use for laptop includes performing office application that does not require excessive RAM and battery consumption. Generally, laptop that is used for daily activity will be able to conserve the life of its battery. Playing game in a laptop does not count as daily use although you play the game every single day. When it comes for daily uses of a laptop, the most important specification that laptop must have is the powerful processor. The RAM and hard disk is also important as well since both of those specifications help you to process your tasks.

The Samsung laptops on the list bellow use intel processor to support its performance. The important specification will also be described as well. Those laptops have stunning specification that allows you to do various daily tasks effortless. In some cases, the specification of the laptop is good enough to play game. However, it might only allow you to play certain games that do not consume too much space on your RAM.

Best Samsung Laptop 2017 For Daily Needs And Office


Samsung Chromebook 3 XE500C13-K01US

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Google introduces Chromebook as the solution when people need quick access to internet. Several companies become principal manufacturers for this laptop and one of them is Samsung. This laptop is called Samsung Chromebook with Chrome-based operating system. This kind of laptop starts to gain recognition because it is simple to use. Chrome is web browser from Google that turns into operating system. What do you get from Samsung Chromebook 3? The display is 11.6 inch with HD definition. You may use this laptop in flat mode where display and keyboard is at the same level. For processor, Samsung uses Intel Celeron N3050. It has RAM 2 GB and 16 GB SSD for internal storage. Connectivity comes from wireless adaptor. Another interesting part is battery. The specs are categorized at medium level and battery consumption is highly efficient. Manufacturer claims this laptop is able to support more than ten hours of work in normal activity.

Samsung ATIV Book 9 NP930X2K-K01US – Best Affordable Samsung Laptop

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If you need affordable laptop with many functions, Samsung ATIV Book 9 is much recommended. The device has 12.2-inch for display size. Its resolution is already high definition. Processor comes from Intel Core M. For your information, Intel develops new technology based on Intel Core, which is called M. This processor is dedicated to high-portability device. Samsung ATIV is one of top choices when you need high portability and mobility.

RAM capacity is 8 GB that supports multi-tasking easily. HD resolution display is the result of Intel HD Graphics 5300. It is new generation of graphic core, which is embedded into the main processor. You will get 256 SSD for internal storage. HDD is no longer available due to low processing status. Operating system is Windows 8.1 64-bit with option to upgrade into Windows 10. Several additional parts are HDMI port, USB ports, and internal speaker. Samsung is prolific manufacturer in smartphone industry with Galaxy brand. Owner of these phone are able to sync into ATIV Book 9. Therefore, this laptop will be your main device to handle every task and work.

Samsung ATIV Book 9 NP930X2K-K02US (Imperial Black)

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Safety is the top priority in digital era. You need laptop that’s capable to put anything in safety place. For such matter, Samsung ATIV Book 9 is good choice. You may familiar with pattern login in smartphone interface. Samsung uses similar technology to enhance security system. Besides, the laptop is also protect from unwanted login to avoid internal breach. Samsung ATIV is able to support your work up to ten hours. You do not have to plug into charger frequently.

Now, it is time to see internal hardware. Samsung puts Intel Core M as the main processor alongside Intel HD Graphics 5300. For RAM, this device uses 4 GB DDR3 and 128 GB SS as internal storage. During working time, you need to relax your mind. For such reason, audio player is ready with vibrant sound. For Smart TV owner, this device is able to connect into your TV then you can enjoy 4K resolution for movie or video.

Samsung NP900X5L-K02US Notebook 9

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Samsung NP900X5L-K02US Notebook 9 is classified as premium product with sophisticated specs. It uses Intel Core i7 as processor with turbo boost. The display is wider with the size of 15-inch. You will see resolution 1080 x 1920 pixels. That is enough to see blue ray movie, gaming, and even graphic-based task. This best samsung laptop is already used SSD for storage. SSD stands for Solid State Drive and it is faster than HDD. Combination between processor, RAM, and SSD brings high-accessibility to handle every task. Additional parts include USB port, mini HDMI, Bluetooth, WI-Fi adaptor, and USB type C. The latter is used for charging. Samsung NP900X5L-K02US Notebook 9 has thin and sleek design with the size less than one inch. You may call it as ultrabook. For battery, you can work more than eleven hours.

Samsung NP900X3L-K06US

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Samsung Notebook 9 is the laptop with advanced specification and thin design. Samsung has been in laptop market since long time ago and understands what people need. The display is 13.3 inch with capability to stretch into 180 degree. You can share what you are doing with others. The display resolution is 1080 x 1920 pixels which is capable to see HD movie, playing game, or working with graphic-based task. To support your work, this best laptop for college students has ergonomic keypad with comfortable touchpad.  Samsung uses processor Intel Core i5. Sixth generation processor from Intel is widely known as the top product on market. Majority of ultrabook use that core. Internal storage is 256 SSD with faster accessibility than old HDD. You can expect to get faster response to send your task. Besides, SSD is good to perform multitasking. Moreover, the battery capacity is able to support laptop to handle work up to ten hours. Other parts are Wi-Fi adaptor, Bluetooth, HDMI, and USB 3.0 port.

Samsung NP110S1K-K01US Notebook M

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People said small laptops no longer exist due to popularity of tablet. It seems quite true for certain market, but not the entire industry. Customer still needs the reliable laptop with display size only 11.6-inch. To fulfill such demand, Samsung introduces Notebook M. It has small, thin, and sleek design with high portability. You do not have to carry big laptop just to handle day-basic task. Moreover, Notebook M is very reliable to use for students. Its processor is Intel N3050 with 4 GB as RAM. The storage is 128 SSD and windows10 is the operating system. Processor, RAM, and SSD plays significant part in capability of laptop.

Samsung Notebook 7 spin 13.3″ FHD Touch NP740U3L-L02US

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Nowadays, laptop comes with various design and no longer in old style. You will find hybrid or full rotation display. Samsung gives customers option to get laptop with touch screen capability. It is Samsung Notebook Spin 7. The display size is 13.3-inch with HD resolution. What is difference between other products? FHD is specific technology to let user touch the screen as similar to tablet and smartphone. Manufacturer realized that customers still need laptop, but want tablet properties. In that case, Samsung Notebook Spin delivers what they need and want the most.

The processor uses sixth generation of Intel core technology. It is Intel core i5 as the main core with windows 10 as operating system. This best samsung laptop uses 8 GB for RAM and 1 TB HDD. You may wonder why internal storage is still HDD. Even though SSD is preferable, HDD has advantage for bigger capacity. 1 TB is more than enough to save your digital files.

Samsung NP500R5L-M03US Notebook

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Samsung Notebook 5 is suitable laptop to support high-level task such as graphic design and video editor. The display size is 15.6-inch which is very big and has bright view. This capacity is requirement to handle big job and multi-tasking. Processor is Intel core i7 which is at the top level of processor technology. Intel has been developed Core series to support present and future demand of computing. For RAM, it uses 8 GB.

One advantage of Samsung Notebook 5 is dual drive. You will receive two internal storages with different technology and capacity, but still connected each other. Firstly, 128 GB SSD will handle installation of operating system and any application. If you need more space to save file, so the second storage is 1 TB HDD. You can store many files such movies, picture, photo, audio, document, picture, etc.

Samsung NP300E5K-L04US Notebook

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Samsung NP300E5K-L04US is part of Notebook 3 series. Manufacturer produces this laptop to fulfill customer demand for accessibility, reliable, and lightweight computer. The design is elegant and sleek with glossy appearance. The display size is 15.6-inch and resolution 1920 x x1080 pixels. Processor is Intel core i5 and 1 TB HDD for storage. From these specifications, you are able to predict capability of this laptop. Moreover, its RAM is enough to store your digital files and data without worry to spend too much. HDD and SSD have their own benefit. For processor, it is the latest generation of Intel with high-capability to handle multitasking. Other specs include Bluetooth, Wi-Fi adaptor, battery, USB port, and HDMI.

Samsung ATIV Book 9 Blade 4GB with SSD

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Samsung ATIV Book 9 Blade uses processor Intel Core M-5731. The design is elegant with display size of 12.2-inch. Today, laptop size is not strictly in certain category in term of display. 12.2-inch is quite new category and resolution of ATIV Book is 2560 x 1600 pixels. This graphic is enhanced with LED mode. Samsung gives the basic RAM capacity for 8 GB. Users are able to upgrade into 16 GB. Internal storage is 128 GB and Intel HD Graphics 5300 for graphic core. This laptop comes with ergonomic keyboard and touchpad. High accessibility is the reason why customers buy Samsung ATIV. Therefore, this laptop will be your favorite at all.

Samsung NP900X3L-K04US

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Reliable and simple are what come first in mind after see Samsung NP900X3L-K04US. Samsung puts this best laptop for gaming into ATIV Book 9 series. Processor is Intel Core i5 with 4 GB as RAM. The good news about this product is that it is upgradable up to 16 GB. It is rare to buy laptop which user can upgrade easily. The display is 15.6-inch which is large enough to see full HD movie and video. For internal storage, you will receive 1 TB HDD to store many files. Operating system is Windows 10. Purchasing package includes charger, power cord, batter, and manual book. This laptop is your choice for durability and capability.

When it comes for laptop that you need to use only for daily use, you can purchase product manufactured by Samsung. The laptops are not only having decent specification for daily use purposes, but also affordable. Most of the price on the laptops mentioned above is relatively cheap compared to other vendors. Those laptops are also having good battery life as well. Samsung is famous due to its ability manufacturing high quality laptops with those qualifications. From best samsung laptop 2017 above, which one is your favorite?

Cheap Samsung Chromebook 3 XE500C13-K02US Review

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Samsung is famous vendors that release numerous smartphone. Little that people know, Samsung also produces other electronic devices, including notebook. Since the demand for Chromebook is higher lately, Samsung follow the trends by releasing Samsung Chromebook 3 XE500C13-K02US. Chromebook is popular due to its slim design and affordable price. The specification might not surpass average netbook. However, Chromebook manufactured by Samsung tries to satisfy users need for netbook with impressive specification. This particular product is not only using decent hardware specification, but also wide range of features. Those formidable features are packed nicely inside well-designed layout. Released by leading technology manufacturer, it is safe to assume that this netbook will provide reliable performance.

Design and Display

Chromebook designed by Samsung has nice looks. However, this layout is not an innovation since most Chromebook use the same layout. It is available in black color with textured top. Keyboard of this product incorporates standard plastic material. There is no problem worth mentioning related to the touchpad either. Standard Chromebook layout incorporates slim shape. The dimension of this netbook is 8.04 by 11.37 inches with thickness of 0.7 inch. Several ports are arranged along the side. From its thickness, user might already guess that DVD drive is not included. This drawback is not a big deal since most Chromebook laptop has the same problem too.

The layout for Samsung Chromebook 3 XE500C13-K02US has distinctive 11.6 inch of screen size. Some people consider that it is too narrow for a netbook. In order to compensate with this problem, Samsung gives the best resolution of 1366 by 768 pixels. It is the highest screen resolution users can get from Chromebook. It has high pixel density since the screen resolution is bigger than its screen size. For users who already know the screen quality of smartphone by Samsung, they will easily guess that it is not one of the best screens for laptop. Most people complaint about how easy the screen is cracked. IPS technology will not be able to do much at this point.

Features of Samsung Chromebook 3 XE500C13-K02US

Top priority of Samsung device is high-end quality of the brain. For Samsung Chromebook 3 XE500C13-K02US, the brain is using Intel Celeron N3050 that runs at 2.16 GHz as processor. This processor is able to give its best performance for the users. To improve its viewing angle, this netbook incorporates graphics card and chipset from Intel technologies. Those technologies are respectively Intel Integrated graphics card and Intel HD graphics. Combination of both technologies boosts up its performance significantly. Along with its well configured hardware specification, the software installed is no less powerful. Chrome operating system allows the user to get friendly interface. It is also good for running web-based application.

The RAM allocated for its hardware is only 4 GB. Since Samsung Chromebook 3 XE500C13-K02US is designed for office works, this small RAM capacity will not be a problem. Moreover, it is equipped with DDR3L SDRAM innovation as well. Meanwhile, the hard drive capacity is only 16 GB. For some people, this space seems limited. It really does. In order to make up for the low hardware specification, it uses solid-state drive feature. The netbook is able to run smoothly when users open or close the application. Booting up process is only takes an instant as well. Regardless having minor drawbacks here and there, this product is surprisingly able to perform office task easily.

Several useful ports are already lining up nicely alongside the Samsung Chromebook 3 XE500C13-K03US. It incorporates two USB ports that allow its customer transfer file from external device to other devices easily. Micro SD card reader slot is added close to the USB ports. For users who want to connect their Chromebook with external device, they can take advantage of its HDMI ports. The netbook also uses charging ports and audio jack on the other side of the product. The netbook includes a Lithium ion battery on the package as well. Samsung says that it has battery live up to 8 hours for normal office usage

Pros and Cons of Samsung Chromebook 3 XE500C13-K02US

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  • As it goes with any Chromebook, it has sleek design that supports its portability.
  • The battery live is impressive since user are able to use the product for long time without charging.
  • It offers easy connectivity access to internet and Android devices.
  • The keyboard features spill resistance innovation.

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  • Product layout uses standard design.
  • The hard drive has relatively small amount of space.
  • Despite having IPS technology, the screen does not incorporate durability feature that allows it to crack easily.
  • The built in speakers cannot do its job properly.



For users with tight budget, Samsung Chromebook 3 XE500C13-K02US is definitely the best solution. As affordable Chromebook, users might not need to expect good quality as it goes in ordinary laptop. The product has reliable performance due to its impressive hardware specification. Unfortunately the hard drive allocated for the product is relatively small.