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Find The Best Deal For Razer Blade Stealth – Top Gaming Laptop

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For those who are looking for the best gaming laptop under 2000, Razer Blade Stealth is a good option. It was introduced for the first time in Consumer Electronics Show at 2016. During this period, the market situation is already packed with laptop with 12.5 inch of screen size. In order to grab the opportunity, the manufacturer produces laptop with slightly better screen size of 13 inch. This budget gaming laptop is design with backlit keyboard to draw people attention. Additional feature such as impressive screen resolution and advance hardware configuration are added on its specification as well. Most gaming laptops with bigger screen size are offered in more expensive price tag.

Razer Blade Stealth Gaming Laptop

Great Design

The design of Blade Stealth by Razer is incorporating minimalist layout. The shell is using matte black color with green intertwined snake logo on the center of it. Its minimalist design comes with durable material and rigid structure. As it goes with high tier laptop, it incorporates slim profile. The market demand for laptop with slim design is unbelievably high this year. That is one of the reasons why Razer manufactured laptop with such specification. As mentioned before, the backlit keyboard is the prime feature of its design. For gaming purposes, this feature will come in handy, particularly when the users want to navigate their game character easily. The touchpad is located precisely in the middle of its base. It allows the user to access it with both of their hands.

Its 13 inch of screen size comes along with impressive screen resolution. The touchscreen feature is supported by 3,480 x 2,160 pixels of resolution. This screen resolution features ultra-high definition innovation. Compared to other products in the same class, its screen resolution is superior. The screen specification will satisfy the needs of its gaming consumers. They will be able to get maximum gaming experience. In order to give crisp color to the screen, it relies on graphics card manufactured by Intel. The Intel HD 520 graphics card is definitely suitable for its screen specification. Latest version of Windows 10 Home is installed in the laptop as well.

Beast Perfomance

Processor and RAM play important role on the laptop performance. Razer understands this role by equipping the product with the best hardware configuration. The main processor of this best gaming laptop is Intel Core i7-6500U that runs in 2.5 GHz of clock speed. Since both processor and graphics card is using the same technology, it gives better performance. The hardware configuration is supported by 8 GB worth of RAM. The SDRAM technology is incorporated in the design. Unfortunately, there is minor setback on its hardware. When other products on the same class are already using 1 TB of internal storage, it is only using 258 GB of SSD internal storage.

Its backlit keyboard features Chroma-branded keyboard. It allows the user to set the color scheme for the backlit. Since the laptop software is already installed Chroma App, users can directly choose any color as desired. For example, gamers need a laptop with WASD keys highlighted. Gamers will be able to change the color feature of its backlit keyboard including highlighting important key combination for gaming. Due to its impressive feature, it should come as no surprise that Razer Blade Stealth is considered for top gaming laptop under 1500.

Best Features of Best Gaming Laptop

Besides set the color combination on the backlit keyboard to highlight particular keys, users can also set it for spectrum cycling. The Chroma App will randomly cycle up to 16.8 million of color spectrum provided. This particular app also features several backlit modes including reactive, wave, and ripple. If it is in reactive mode, the key will leaves trail as the users start to press any key. Meanwhile, the wave mode allows the user to get rainbow color moving to right direction in certain speed. Some people also prefer ripple mode. As the name suggest, it gives ripple effect as users press a particular key.

Despite the cool feature, most people mention that the backlit color is somehow distracting. The best thing about Chroma App is it allows user to disable the feature. It is definitely suitable for people that are easily to distract. The mute feature can be activated by pressing Fn key. This key shortcut makes the user able to take care of this problem faster.

Razer Blade Stealth is also equipped with built-in features. The USB ports used in it comes from 3.0 version and type C version. The USB ports located along the side comes with HSMI connectivity. It is highly recommended for people who want to integrate the laptop with external device. It also comes with standard feature such as audio jack. The audio jack will give clear sound output. It will be suitable if the users are gamers who want to enjoy complete gaming experience. It is compatible for either headset or speaker use. It seems that the manufacturer take the user gaming experience as top priority.

In the test of multimedia and multitasking test, the Razer Blade Stealth gets the third rank. It has slight different with Apple MacBook Air. However, in the Geekbench test, the performance of this product is much better than Apple MacBook Air. Compared to the HP Envy 13, it has slightly better performance. Unfortunately, the battery does not have good job on the battery drain test. Apple MacBook Air is still better than this product. It is considered as major setback on the design.

As it goes with any gaming laptop, each product has their pros and cons. This product is more superior in terms of design. It can be stored easily on student bag without having any problem.  The processor and hardware specification is able to do great performance. Since both of processor and graphics card are using the same technology. This trick will enhance its performance significantly. Unfortunately, the battery life is not able to give enough power supply for long time. Despite being granted as one of the best gaming laptop, the internal memory on this product is limited.