Best Dell Laptops 2017 | Notebook Reviews

The last two years, Dell has been grown up and up, catching up the competitors and starts to be the new star in the laptop market. This year, many people have been waited just to know what kind of laptop series Dell will release. Along this year, there are laptops from Dell that will catch your attention. As Dell starting to be the new artist, it gives several standing-out products that you will feel advanced to try. Then what are the best dell laptop 2017 you have to know? Check out this list, you will ever need to know this year. At least, there are laptops from dell company that are recommended for you.

best dell laptop

All of the products are made for various needed, starting from gaming, working, college, and more. Each of them comes with different specification and produces different performance as well. On the budget, there may be occur different price as well. Your need ay sum up into different form as well. You may need laptop that is quite expensive but indeed providing totally impressive performance. In other way you may need to buy laptop that is affordable with your pocket yet still performing very good ability. Any laptop you need is appeared here. Each of them is listed through the price so you can consider about the one that you want.

Best Dell Laptops of 2017


Dell Inspiron i5578-2550GRY Microsoft Signature Image

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Inspiring Dell laptop is ready to do every task better thanks to its undeniable performance. Using the latest Intel Core i7-7500OU 7th generation 3.5 GHz processor, it is capable to deliver exceptional performance pace for everyday use. Still under the hood, it comes with Windows 10 operating system, 8GB DDR4 2400Mhz that can be upgraded to 16GB GGRD4 maximum and 1TB HDD storage to make sure you can store as many data as you want. Its 15.6 inch display with wide viewing angle has excellent quality thanks to the use of IPS Truelife technology.

With this laptop, staying unplugged longer will not be a problem as it has great battery life. Furthermore, this particular laptop also offers high studio quality sound to make sure you get to enjoy the best sound quality while chatting, streaming, watching movies and mixing. Thanks to Waves MaxxAudio that has particularly been offering higher highs and lower lows for outstanding audio performance. As for its WiFi internet connectivity, you shall be satisfied since it uses the newest 802.11ac WiFi technology that can reduce buffering and work across extended range.

Dell Inspiron Intel i3-5015U with 15,6 Inch

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Another best Dell laptop, a laptop with 15.6 inch LED backlit screen that is added with Truelife HD easy thing for this core i3 laptop thanks to 4GB memory, 1 TB HDD and Intel i3-5051U processor. The Integrated Intel HD graphics is among the main features to deliver outstanding streaming video and gaming. Meanwhile, the HDMI port allows you view any photos, videos and games on any larger screen including HDTV. When it comes to data transfer pace, it is excellently feature is capable of delivering high resolution of 1366 x 768. Playing games and running multiple programs is fasts thanks to USB port 3.0 that can transfer 10 times faster compared to the previous USB 2.0 port.

Battery life is among its superiorities as it can last for 8 hours unplugged. More other features including Integrated Bluetooth 4.0 that allows data transfer at 30’ for short range wireless data with other devices using Bluetooth including phones, printers and speakers. To offer better experience, it also comes with MaxxAudio and stereo speakers that allow higher quality and clearer music and sound.

Dell Inspiron i5559-4415SLV Intel Real Sense 15,6 Inch

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Powered with Intel Core processor i5-6200u 2.5 GHz, it is not hard for this core i5 laptop to handle daily task in excellent performance. Its 8GB DDR3L SDRAM on the other hand is capable to ensure that multitasking is something easy for this laptop. Overall, its performance is undeniable to allow you gaming, running any app and browsing with minimum hiccup. Its features are optimized to allow effortless productivity. Pointing and scrolling through content using large precision touchpad is one of the best things about this laptop. Even more, you shall feel very easy to type in low light with high accuracy thanks to its backlit keyboard.

Anytime you want to connect to WiFi internet connection, simply activity the long-range WiFi feature of latest 802.11ac technology. This is a technology allowing you to connect WiFi on extended range with fast connection. The laptop even makes better deal with efficient data entry and powerful battery life and performance.

Dell Gaming Laptop Intel Quad Core i5

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You certainly know how powerful a gaming laptop is. So, when it comes to this best Dell laptop for gaming, the performance is simply as better. This gaming laptop has been specifically designed to offer optimum performance for surfing and gaming of course. Thanks to NVIDIA graphics card GeForce GTX 960M that you can enjoy high class graphics performance for entertainment, transcoding, video editing and gaming. Under the hood, you will find SSD that is basically a kind of flash-based memory without moving parts and is more secured to failure compared to standard hard drive. It guarantees faster data transfer, read and write. It means that the load times on video editing and gaming is faster thanks to the addition of SSD.

Made from high quality material, the durability of this laptop is unquestionable as well as its battery life. The lower power consumption with the help of SSDs allows this laptop having longer battery life. The SSD apparently has to offer including when it comes to weight. It allows the laptop to be lightweight, cooler and quieter.

Dell i355s-3240BLK 15,6 inch

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It never ends for Dell to produce high quality laptop just like what Dell has done with this particular laptop. It is a laptop in 15.6 inch display with Windows 10 OS. The main thing featured by this cheap laptop is exceptionally fast Intel Pentium N3700 processor 1 GHz. This processor allows the laptop to deliver multitasking faster and smoother. Added with 4GB DDR3L SDRAM, it is not difficult for the laptop to deliver smooth multitasking. Once you turned on the stereo, you will be amazed on how good its sound clarity is thanks to Waves MaxxAudio technology. As you run application in the laptop, you can stay connected to wireless connection without any issues.

Thanks to 500 GB HDD storage, you can store and keep any data, photos, videos and any more you like. And with its 4GB memory, it is considerably easy for this laptop to handle multitasking without having to worry about freezing. Easy and quick file transfer is also among its main features.

Dell Inspiron i5578-10050GRY

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Here comes another exceptional best Dell laptop that has been particularly packed for better daily task. This stylish laptop comes with brilliant performance that can be used for gaming, surfing, and basic multitasking. It is powered with 7th Intel Core i7-7599u processor 3.5 GHz to improve the performance. Its 512 SSD storage is an excellent choice as it enables faster data loading which means smoother performance. Gaming with this laptop is undeniably great thanks to 16GB DDR4 and advanced graphics card.

Its LED backlit touch display with IPS Truelife feature allows the laptop to deliver exceptional visual quality with wide viewing angles. As you decide to stay unplugged, you can rely on this laptop for almost 8 hours which is an excellent feature. Some other features include long range WiFi technology and more efficient data entry. Long story short, it is the right core i7 laptop to handle your heavy daily workload.

Dell Inspiron 11,6 Inch i3179-0000 RED

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An excellent irresistible bright and light laptop that comes with less than ¾ inch of thickness is the right choice that can be easily carried everywhere. Its exterior color is even tempting with its vibrant red. Anything about this laptop is simply accurate especially its touchpad that comes with excellent feature for gesture and pointing recognition. With this kind of touchpad, the laptop will make less error which means good news for you especially if you are in hurry to complete your job. Have you heard about Stellar WiFi connection technology? You will when you purchase this laptop. It is basically a technology for WiFi connection that can provide steady and fast connections. Therefore, you will no longer have to wait for buffering to complete.

Another excellent feature is its resistance against harsh short term heat that can reach up to 65 degree celcius. Even under this heat, this laptop can still survive and working well. Dell also puts enough attention to its audio quality by adding Wages Maxx-Audio. And, the laptop also comes with voice recognition that allows you to make command using your voice.

Dell Inspiron 15,6 Inch i7559-3763 FHD

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Here comes another top leading best Dell laptop with a number of advanced features. It is said to be powerful gaming and entertainment laptop with tailored features to fulfill the demand of the enthusiasts. It comes with a number of aggressive features, design and components. The combination of 16GB DDR3L RAM, Intel Core 6th generation i7-6700HQ, 4GB graphics card and SSD has made the laptop a blissful hi-tech device. With these features and systems, laptops from other brands may be sold twice more expensive. There is no doubt, the laptop is great for everyday use thanks to the 4K touchscreen although it is actually not the brightest screen.

The keyboard is quiet an nice makes it perfect for gaming and typing. Meanwhile, the speakers performance are not a waste as well thanks to the Subwoofer. Data transfer is considerably fast thanks to USB ports 3.0 that are available on the side of the laptop. And when you look at this laptop under 1000, you will certainly fall in love with its excellent exterior design that looks nice and sleek.

Dell Inspiron 15,6 FHD Touchscreen

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Recently, touchscreen laptop has been becoming a craze among laptop enthusiasts across the world. And again, Dell has produced another best laptop for dell with touchscreen display known as Dell Inspiron 15 5000. This particular laptop comes with numerous advanced system and features of better user’s experience. Let’s start with its precision touch pad that allows convenient two-finger scrolling and its adjustable cursor speed according to your preference. Its battery though is not super long in life but it meets the standard performance. You can do some adjustment with the screen brightness and keyboard lights if you wish to use it longer. So far, it works just fine without any random errors. Even its sound quality is great that makes you feel satisfied using the laptop for gaming and entertainment.

The technical features of this laptop include WiFi connection 802.11ac, Bluetooth 4.0, USB ports 3.0, Windows 10 Home operating system, Intel Core i5-6200U 6th generation Dual Core processor, SD card reader, RealSense 3D camera, 8GB DDR3L and 1TB RPM HDD.

Dell 13,3 Inch XPS 9350-1340SLV

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Being a thin laptop makes this laptop series among the best ultra-portable laptops available in the market. The first impression of this best laptop is exceptional thanks to large screen and borderless infinity Edge display. The screen size is impressive with impressive exterior design. Here is one of its greatest features, the screen quality that is brilliant enough to allow users watching shows or movies under the sunlight without details missed. Even though this laptop is being small but its performance is big thanks to 8GB DDR3 RAM, Intel Core 2.5 GHz processor i5-6200U and 128 GB SSD storage. Weighing only 1.18 kilogram, carrying it around in your bad or purse will not be a difficult thing to do.

The available XPS 13 boots allow the laptop to perform speedy start up thank only requires a few second. Usability improvement from this laptop is unquestionable thanks to improved touchpad technology that supports zooming, pinching and fluid panning. It also has rigid construction thanks to machined aluminum construction that has been cut precisely for durable chassis.

Dell XPS Touch Screen Ultra HD

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Feel free to purchase this Dell laptop as it offers brilliant performance and a number of durable features. The screen space has been maximized by virtual borderless display which also makes it having a sleek and sophisticated look. Indeed, it is actually the 15th lightest laptop with high class performance. Its dazzling ultra HD is capable to deliver excellent display quality in 3840 x 2160 pixels. It is easy to see everything in find details thanks to its FHD high resolution.

As for the processor, it is the super speed choice of Intel Core i7-6700HGQ 6th generation to allow smooth multitasking. To make sure that you can do your intensive tasks, it is added with GeForeTM GTX 960 for the graphics card. Some other main features include Windows 10 Pro operating system, maximum storage and memory with 16GB5 memory, ThunderboltTM feature to support, the Thunderblot 3, power share and charging or power in.

Dell 13,3 Inch XPS9360-4841SLV

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This expensive laptop comes with a number of hi-tech features and systems including Intel Core processor i7-7500u 3.5 GHZ which is the latest processor available, 256GB SSD storage for faster data loading, Windows 10 OS and 8GB RAM. Let’s start with its durability or quality which is undoubtedly brilliant. From its outer look, it can be easily seen how durable and solid the laptop is especially with the machine lid and base made from aluminum. Gorilla glass is added to the touchscreen for more durability. As you use the laptop for gaming and entertaining, you will notice how bright the color is. It is even extremely vibrant.

Performance is not something to be questioned as it is extremely brilliant thanks to Intel Core i7 processor. Usually, it takes only 14 seconds for you to start working once you hit “On” button. It is considered a fast pace thanks to its 512GB storage, Toshiba SSD and Windows 10.. Over all, it is a great choice of laptop with high battery performance.

Dell Inspiron 15,6 Inch 15 5000 FDH Touchscreen Laptop

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Touchscreen laptop has becoming so common that every manufacturer always produces a few products including Dell. This time, Dell powers the laptop with a number of advanced features including FHD LED backlit touchscreen display, Truelife display system, Intel HD graphics card 520, Intel Core processor i5-6299U 6th generation 8GB DDR3L RAM, 4MB L3 Cache, RealSense 3D camera, 1TB 5400 RPM HD and so much more.

One of the great things about this laptop is high quality images, photos and videos. In fact, the display does not come with crapware. The laptop does feel a bit fragile because it is so thin and light but not with its performance. Even the battery performance is excellent as it can last for around 8 hours unplugged.

Dell Inspiron FHD Touchscreen Signature 15,6 Inch

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Here is another masterpiece from Dell. Even from the exterior design, it already looks cool and sophisticated. Going further, it comes with excellent LED backlit touchscreen quality that is completed with Truelife technology. As a result, it can deliver 1920 x 1080 pixels. Other technical features including Intel Core i5-6299U 6th generation Dual Core processor, DVD/RW/SD card reader, RealSense 3D camera from Intel, backlit keyboard, Waves MixxAudio Pro, Bluetooth 4.0 and more others.

Its multitasking performance is considerably good while its battery performance can actually last for 6 hours without unplugged which is a pretty good achievement. The screen quality has met the standard request. Overall, this laptop makes a great choice to be bought and used for daily task.

Dell Inspiron I3558-5501 BLK 15,6 Inch Touchscreen HD

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Being among the few latest of Dell laptops, it does come with fulfilling features and system. Its main features include Intel Core Dual-Core processor i5-5200, Truelife LED Backlit display, 8GB DDR3L, 1TB 5400 RPM SHD, Energy efficient LED backlight and Windows 10 64 bit OS. It has exceptional performance including for multitasking, gaming, entertainment and video editing. Its responsive touch screen has also become among its main features as well. And when it comes to internet connection, it is considerably easy to connect this laptop under 500 to other devices. So far, the performance of this Dell laptop is outstanding especially when it is used for daily tasks and multitasking. Its camera quality is considerably good as well where it comes with certain customization options.

So, here are several products of best Dell laptop 2017, staring with the cheap one, the medium, and the expensive one. Here you can find out which one is your type. You can definitely choose your private laptop by looking at the specifications. Something that you need to know is that all of Dell products are always come with totally high performance. Any product that you choose will not disappoint you as long as you know what you actually need. Finding the proper laptop that is fit for you is not hard if you can recognize about the spec of each laptop and targeting yours.