Asus X553SA-BHCLN10 Laptop Review

Nowadays, office works are needed to have great support from its facilities. There are no more valuable than using the computer to manage all your data, making the data and even process them all. The reason why people is using desktop computer is because they need more powerful performance. However it is less practical and less simple. As the solution, you can replace your old laptop with cheap Asus laptops. Asus is the manufacturer which is really capable in making the great performing laptop for works. There are some of the series that you can choose. If you are using it for working, so the presence of medium type Asus would be recommended.

Asus X553SA Laptop Review

Let’s say that you choose Asus X553SA, it is one type of Asus laptop that are widely known in the user of laptop and portable computers. Most of the people choose this laptop for under $500 because of some benefit that is available. As we know, working with laptop need more portability, lightweight and even the presence of an awesome appearance through its design. To ensure that you get the most proper one, you have to check several specifications of Asus laptops for sale.

Asus X553SA-BHCLN10 Laptop Features

Every laptop is having its own brain. Sometimes the brain is also well known as the processor, the better processor there, the more the laptop is capable to do works. In this case, this laptop below $500 have great processor that you might never think before. Moreover, Asus is adding the Intel Celeron in this top laptop for under $500. This type of processor is still belonging as the dual core processor. Intel Celeron is widely known as the stable and comfortable processor to do the daily computing activities. The strongest reason why you need this laptop for work is the presence of its great speed.

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The speed is proven by the installed 4GB ram inside. The ram is already uses DDR3L version that ensures the exact memory allocation in the maximum performance. There is also 1600 MHz SDRAM that can be upgraded up to 8GB as well. To store the entire data that you produce along the day, it gives you pretty awesome capacity. It applies 500GB of hard disk to support everything you want to store. As the laptop for daily usage, it gives you powerful appearance through its 15.6 inches of screen with HD LC technology.

Pros and Cons of Asus X553SA Laptop

When we are talking about the pros and cons, basically it is very subjective. We know that everyone has their own needs. It is better for you to check the pros of these Asus laptop review for sure. The first advantages that you will get are the presence of its awesome design. You will receive a very slim laptop with powerful performance. Most of the laptop with similar features is tight and so heavy. You will find the difference with this one. It gives you a very sleek and modern design that improves your confidence in your work desk.

All the available features of the laptops make this product seems have no cons. However if you look closely at buy cheap laptops, you will see that the presence of processor is little bit slowing the performances.  Although it offers 4GB of ram, the processor will never work maximally. A huge ram will be more powerful only if you are using the higher processor. It is already good for editing and playing full HD movies. However if you want to bring this laptop for gaming, you have to think twice. Overall, this laptop is really beautiful and appealing for everyone.

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