ASUS VivoBook E200HA Review

Top laptop less than $500 – Supporting the daily activity such as school, works and even fun will require a laptop with a powerful performance. Today it is almost impossible to support all the productivities without the use of a laptop. If you want to pick one to be given for your son or daughter, you have to pick a laptop that fits their needs. Sometimes these types of laptop are tending to be durable; simple however it can also afford hard works. Asus seems to be a manufacturer that can fulfill your needs. Some Asus laptops are pretty helpful for you to decide which type of Asus laptop to choose.

ASUS VivoBook E200HA Reviews

Asus is one of the most productive laptop makers that are already well known. Most of the people trust Asus especially or the capability of making the good laptop with affordable pricing. To ensure that you get the most powerful Asus laptops for sale for your children, you can try to check the performance of Asus Vivo Book series. In this case, we will discuss about the type of E200HA. This is a type of laptop which is recommended for you who love the simple design, lightweight and also powerful usage.

Asus Vivo Book E200HA Laptop Features

Although Asus produce lot of laptop in the different series, this manufacturer seems to not put huge change in the features. Most of the products are only occupied with different processor. Somehow the rest of the features are remains the same. To ensure about the specs of this Asus laptop price, you can check the performance of its processor for first. It is applying dual core processor with the 2GB of memory. Well, this is absolutely good for the student’s usage or the college; however for the people with more works using the memory, it will not enough.

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Let’s see another side of these best laptop below $500. You can have the spacious display that you might never experience before. The display is very bright and sharp that makes this laptop is very considerable. This lightweight laptop brings 11.6 inches of screen which is supported by its ultra-compact design. This design is really helpful for the students or teenagers in bring the laptop with their small hand. At the first purchase, you will be equipped with windows 10 and the premium Office 365. However for the office 365 you will only has 1 year of free access.

Benefit of Asus Vivo Book E200HA

The first experiences that you will find from this asus laptop review are the great performance of its design. It is unlike the other laptops that are tight and are away from lightweight. Now you can have a great computer in your bag without need to feel heavy. The keyboard is designed to be pretty smooth. It happens because the presence of its full size keyboard with the special intuitive smart gesture. To bring more user comfort, you will find the awesome large sized track pad here. Then how is about the performance of the processor? Well it is another benefit for you because it brings quad core Atom processor. The Emmc storage options are also supported and it can afford up to 32GB.

Looking for the cons of this laptop seems hard to be done. However as the new Asus laptops reviews, this laptop is better to have higher ram. The presence of full-size keyboard is good. However it sometimes makes the mistype happen pretty often. It might happen because the distance of one button and another button are too far. Overall, the connectivity features and also the battery capacity of this daily laptop is pretty awesome.

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