ASUS K501UX Gaming Laptop Core i7 Review

ASUS K501UX 15.6-inch Gaming Laptop (Intel Core i7 Processor, NVIDIA GTX 950M, 8GB RAM, 256GB SSD Hard Drive, Windows 10...

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This best core i7 laptop is one of the cheap gaming laptop. Asus is always smart in creating the gaming specification in their Asus laptops for sale. We can see these possibilities through some of the new stuff that are produced by this company. Now you can experience the gaming sensation without needed to carry large sized CPU anywhere. All you need to do is just to complete the facilities of your gaming with the all new Asus gaming laptop. It has a lot of features that might not be found in the other type of gaming laptop in the market. So what are the things that make this gaming series laptop from Asus is so special? Well, let’s take a look around for its specs for more details.

ASUS K501UX Gaming Laptop Under 1000

Finding gaming laptop is like choosing the best among the best. Although there are so many competitors, there will always be a reason why you need to pick the best gaming asus laptop as the final choice. After releasing some of the product to the market, now Asus is announcing the release of Asus K501UX version. It is the laptop that is intended for better gaming experience. The specifications are also improved to ensure that you get the best performance for all the games you love to play.

ASUS K501UX Features

The word gaming seems simple, but actually it is very complicated especially when we choose the most appropriate version of laptop to fulfill our needs. Luckily, you have great choice from Asus laptop price. This K501UX bring you Intel Core i7 processor which is pretty smart in processing heavy software as well as heavy games.

This is possible because the college laptop is also having support from the other parts. They are the presence of 8GB RAM, 64 bit Windows and also some other new technologies that are applied inside.  In order to store all of your game data, you will be supported with its 256GB of SSD hard drive. Asus is really considered the basic function for this laptop for under 1000.

They do not place any large HDD because they are pretty sure that the buyers of these best Asus laptop are only focusing for their gaming experience. This is different with some other laptop from Asus that are tending to be used for work so they have larger capacities of HDD. This small HDD will not be a problem for you who love to play full HD 3D games through your portable computer. Asus solve the entire gamer question about the lightweight and portable laptop for gaming.

ASUS K501UX 15.6-inch Gaming Laptop (Intel Core i7 Processor, NVIDIA GTX 950M,...

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Last update was in: April 25, 2018 12:08 AM

Pros and Cons of ASUS K501UX

After you know some of the benefit that is contained in this best asus laptop review, you must be curious about the cons or the disadvantages as well. You can directly consider by yourself after you read about the specification of its HDD.

This small HDD is good for the real gamers because they will not store so much data inside the laptop. However, for the people that has the gaming hobbies as well as doing work for some other days will need more space of HDD. The risks are of course the higher pricing later.

Although the cons make people doubt to purchase this best programming laptop, there are some attractive aspects that will make sure that this gaming laptop is the best Asus laptops reviews to choose. You can find its attractive features on the Turbo technology for the processor unit. As you know, the processor of this best video editing laptop is only 2.5 GHz. If you are working with the heavy games, this processor can activate its turbo features so it is able to reach up to 3.1 GHz. For a laptop under $800, this one is very worth to buy.