Cheap Laptop ASUS Chromeook C201PA

Mobility becomes new way of work in today era. You can access, change, work, edit, and do anything without having file on hard drive. Everything is available through cloud or virtual computing. Google sees this trend and work together with ASUS to create ASUS Chromebook C201PA. You might be not familiar with the name, but this product will be your best friend.

Before going further about specifications and features of ASUS Chromebook C201PA, there are several matters related to Chromebook. This chromebook is not Windows-based system. It uses specific operating system from Google. The laptop aims to reach ultimate mobility and reduce unnecessary thing. Several apps are standalone and ready for offline usability. To work in full function, user needs to connect it through internet.

ASUS C201PA 11.6 Inch Chromebook

Design and Display

ASUS Chromebook C201PA has two colors. You can pick light blue or white. It belongs to 11.6-inch laptop and quite small yet compact. The length is 11.3-inch and 7.6-inch for width. The interesting part is 0.7-inch height which makes this laptop look very thin. You can lift this device easily with just one hand because the weight is less than 2 pounds. From outside, ASUS emblem is placed on the center of front side. The keyboard is very ergonomic and it has high responsive touchpad for exploring every part of the screen.

The screen size is 11.6-inch that measures from diagonal line. It has widescreen mode and maximum resolution is 1366 x 768 pixels. With this capability, you can see the graphic vividly without blurring. ASUS puts chipsets integrated with processor.

Features of ASUS C201PA

ASUS Chromebook C201PA is dedicated for people with high mobility in work. It is suitable for student to assists their homework while surfing simultaneously. Moreover, you can stream HD video without lagging with latest Wi-Fi adapter. The most important part of this device is processor. Processor is Rockchip 3288-C 1.8 GHz. Have you heard about this brand? It is not quite familiar in common customer. When discussing about processor, your mind always comes up for two names. There is Intel or MAD. However, Rockchip is capable to deliver the same performance as laptop with Intel. ASUS trusts their Chromebook with this brand, which means Rockchip has the quality.

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The next specs are RAM and storage. Browsing is not easy task, especially video streaming. To support this activity, 4 GB is ready as the RAM capacity. You can do multitasking such as editing document, streaming music, and downloading file at the same time. ASUS Chromebook C201PA uses bigger RAM to prevent lagging. As Chromebook, you do not need many spaces. 16 GB is enough to support your need of space. It comes in SSD technology that produces faster accessibility than HDD. This storage will be installed with Google Chrome OS and standalone apps. You are able to put several document before uploading to cloud service. If you need more spaces, you can use external storage via card reader up to 128 GB.

Connectivity is the core purpose of ASUS Chromebook C201PA. Latest Wi-Fi adapter enhances internet connection more than three times. It uses 802.11ac as adapter. To get the functionality in this device, you need internet connection. Google offers 100 GB of cloud storage free of charge for two years. It is good offers, especially for student. Some apps will automatically synchronize as soon as ASUS Chromebook C201PA gets internet connection. You do not have to worry when internet is off for a moment. To make entertainment more enjoyable, internal speaker is available. User can plug headphone to jack audio. ASUS claims 13 hours for maximum battery capacity. Wi-Fi adapter and browsing extensive date requires more energy than normal work. Battery is one benefit of ASUS Chromebook C201PA. You do not have to worry to running out of energy in the middle of something important.

Pros and Cons of ASUS C201PA

ASUS Chromebook C201PA is different from regular windows-based laptop. You need to compare two things in the same segment to get the fair result. However, comparison between Chromebook and standard laptop is interesting. People pick Chromebook because it is reliable for working online. Nowadays, some companies let employees to work at their home as long as the internet is available. Data and files are able to be accessed via network. You might work simultaneously with others at the same file. The result is real time. This is reason why you should know pros and cons about ASUS Chromebook C201PA.

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  • It has compact and lightweight design, so it is easy to carry at hand.
  • SSD storage makes the faster accessibility.
  • RAM capacity is 4 GB.
  • It is designed in stunning design.
  • It has long battery life up to 13 hours.
  • It is reliable for work and entertainment
  • 100 GB free cloud storage from Google is provided.

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  • The Rockchip brand might not familiar.
  • You are not recommended to save more files, even using SD card.
  • You need internet connection to get fullest function.



If you expect to work mobile, ASUS Chromebook C201PA is suitable for your style. Some specifications are higher than other devices in the same class. This device is effective to handle virtual job or anything via cloud computing.

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