Asus C200MA Chromebook Review

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There are many people who have been looking for good laptops under inexpensive price. Why, of course, it is a good deal after all. However, you must have understood that it is not something easy to do. Even so, it is not something you can never find either. So, if you are clueless about what laptop to choose for it, we would like you to consider ASUS C200MA Chromebook here. Currently, it is tagged with the price under 200. We will tell you what you can get from this laptop by paying that little money. You will be surprised to know its features.

Stylish Look

If we have to compliment from outside, we would say this laptop has quite good look designed on it. It is Chromebook that is made to offer portability for you. That is why it has compact case at just 0.8 inch thin. It is very impressive, if we have to say. Of course, it ensures supreme portability. You would like to bring it around with you outside the house. Being compact in its dimensions is enough to call this laptop stylish. What’s more? Although it is mostly in black, the keyboard has grey accent.

The existence of these two tones has made this laptop under $300 all the more stylish. Moreover, you will like how the hinge is hidden in. This gives sleek look to this best laptop under 200. Not to mention, since it has been given with durable black matte finish, it becomes capable of offering you premium feel that you might have not experienced before. As expected from ASUS, it has made even simply outer appearance to be worth to consider despite it being priced under extremely affordable price.

Reliable Camera

When it comes to electronic devices, we are sure that camera would be one of your utmost concerns to consider. You would definitely want it if you really like to capture your own photos or with your friends in front of your laptop. It is camera we are talking about here. We would need best deal affordable laptop that has reliable camera that works great in all sorts of conditions. Although it might not be as great as photography camera, laptop camera still has good things to consider.

Well, of course, you will have to make sure that it is the best camera to choose. You don’t have to worry though. The best deal affordable laptop here has what you really need. Why? It is because it has built-in high-definition camera in. With such camera, you should be able to capture HD videos, capture HD photos, and have clear chats face to face. See? Things would be far more interesting if we have HD camera, right? So, this is just the right deal you will need from laptop.

High Fidelity Sound

Asus C200 Chromebook is not only great in its look and in its camera. Other amazing thing coming from it would be the sound. You know that we often need laptop to simply listening to music or to even watch movies. For that reason, we would need good speakers to offer good sound for you. Nothing would be more satisfying than listening to rich sound. Well, of course, this is something that this laptop is capable of. Did you know? This laptop for under $400 can offer high-fidelity sound.

What makes it possible is because it has high-quality speakers. Combined with extra-large audio chambers, it can produce such sound. It is the sound that can even surpass how it tends to be in compact-sized laptop. Really, you can never imagine that you would be able to get decent sound in affordable laptop. Truly, it is great laptop. This way, you would be able to be more immersive to what you are listening to through this laptop. It is another good deal from it.

Long Battery Life

If it is this ASUS laptop that you ask, you better not exclude the fact that it has pretty good battery life. Anyone would want as long battery life as possible. Even when this laptop is not meant for long tasks, like heavy-duty gaming, you will still need it to stay up for a long time to get your daily job done. It is especially needed and helpful when you are outside and far from outlets. So, how long this ASUS laptop can stay for us? To tell you the truth, it can stay up to 10 hours for each full charge.

It is pretty long battery life, you see. Normally, laptops of such kind have simply around 7 to 8 hours of battery life. So, it sure has what people would need to work with it. Moreover, this laptop has been made to work efficiently too. It uses Intel N2840 Dual-Core processor after all. It is the latest energy-efficient type people like to choose. This way, you won’t lose 10 hours faster than you think due to the tasks you have given to it. It is a nice deal, isn’t it?

Cons of the Asus C200MA Chromebook

Really, you can expect no less from famous laptop manufacturers, like ASUS. It sure makes quite big deal in its pros. People would welcome laptop with stylish look, reliable camera, high-fidelity sound, and long battery life. Not to mention, you can get all of these with simply price under 200. You might never imagine this before, right? However, it really is sold within such price range currently. Then, how do the cons go then? Indeed, when there are pros, there must be cons following in the product.

In order to know the cons, you will have to read customer reviews of this ASUS laptop. Well, actually, there are not that much cons this laptop has. To be honest, even what seems to be the downside of it does not seem to be really bad one. This best chromebook of 2017 simply can’t be used for heavy-duty tasks. You can’t ask more than activities, like casual browsing and video streaming. Even so, it is how this kind of laptops is. That is why you can barely call it being unable to do heavy-duty tasks as its cons. Indeed, this ASUS laptop is the right one to choose. It is such a great deal to get.