Acer Chromebook 11 CB3-131-C3SZ Review

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Google expands its product into what people called Chromebook. Basically, this device is small laptop with high accessibility to all Google products, particularly Google drive and Gmail. Acer develops Acer Chromebook 11 CB3-131-C3SZ to deliver not only faster performance, but also the most efficient way in using laptop.

Before exploring more about Acer Chromebook 11 CB3-131-C3SZ, you need to know some interesting matters. Chromebook is not windows-based laptop. It completely uses specific operating system. People think Chromebook is about Google Chrome for only browsing. It is not wrong but still far from fully true. Chromebook is designed for high mobility and accessibility with less internal space and it relies on cloud computing. It uses operating system with basic function. You can play music, video, and manage files. That’s enough for introduction. Now, you will get more explanation in the next section. Find : 9 Best Chromebook of 2016 Review

Design and Display

The first thing customer sees when buying laptop is design. Small, thin, and compact are essential properties for latest laptop. Acer Chromebook 11 CB3-131-C3SZ has all of them. It is small with only 11.6 inches. This size is suitable for people with high mobility. You can put it on bag or just carry it easily to find the convenient spot for working. This Chromebook from Acer is thinner than previous model. It only has what you need the most. Compact design makes this device convenient for long period usability. Acer puts white as the main color.

Small size with high resolution is what you see from display aspect. Maximum resolution of Acer Chromebook 11 CB3-131-C3SZ is 1366 x 768 pixels. It is very huge pixels compared to other products in the same category. It is similar to 14 inch segment. The screen uses IPS display and anti-glare feature. The interesting feature is the one to reduce direct sunlight to help user see the screen clearer during the day. HD camera is available to support video call or just capture memorable moment. Acer Chromebook 11 CB3-131-C3SZ has HDMI port to connect with LCD or external display.

Features of Acer Chromebook 11 CB3-131-C3SZ

Flashy white and elegant design should match with internal specification. As one of laptop under $200, Acer Chromebook 11 CB3-131-C3SZ uses Intel Celeron N2840. Standard capacity is 2.16 GHz and you can upgrade up to 2.8 GHz. This processor can support any activity. RAM capacity is 2 GB and Intel HD Graphic is used as GPU. To store data, 16 GB SSD is available as internal storage. Its RAM can handle multitasking jobs. You can stay connected while doing project or playing games.

16 GB might be too small for user to store many data. However, Chromebook is not laptop for standalone utility. You need internet connection. Wi-Fi adapter 802.11ac is available to handle such function. This adapter can deliver faster connection than previous technology. Manufacturer claims this laptop can get up to three times faster. Another feature is Bluetooth. Acer keeps everything as efficient as possible. Acer Chromebook 11 CB3-131-C3SZ boots in just 10 seconds. You do not need to wait for long time to make the device is ready to use.

While connecting to internet and doing many tasks, this Chromebook is able to awake 9 hours. From morning to afternoon, you do not need to plug this device into electrical socket for charging. Battery capacity is 3220 mAh. To support audio, dual speaker is available internally with stereo sound. Acer Chromebook 11 CB3-131-C3SZ has 3.0 and 2.0 USB ports. To attract more users, Google offers 100 GB free online storage for two years. If you find trouble to find internet connection, offline Google apps are available. After Chromebook is back to online mode, the apps will synchronize automatically.

Pros Cons

There are many things to be considered before picking Acer Chromebook 11 CB3-131-C3SZ. As usual, you will find pros and cons of product. It is difficult to produce laptop to satisfy all of customers want. Chromebook is alternative for people who want the basic function of laptop.

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  • It is light in weight and designed in compact design with elegant white color.
  • It comes in high-grade screen, anti-glare, and IPS technology.
  • There are new Wi-Fi adapter for ultra-fast connectivity.
  • Completed with free storage from Google.
  • Battery capacity can support more than 6 hours and up to 9 hours of work.
  • It only has necessary specifications.
  • HD resolution display is in 11.6-inch laptop.
  • The storage is already in SSD.
  • Designed in less part which affects the cost of production and the price.

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  • It is not laptop to store many files.
  • It needs internet connection to get the utmost functions.
  • The apps are only from Google.
  • Chromebook might be something new and need adjustment for beginner.



Windows still dominate as the most operating system that people use in laptop. However, there is still potential for newcomer, particularly Chromebook. It is laptop that gives users what they really need the most. For student, Acer Chromebook 11 CB3-131-C3SZ can handle basic task and assists their homework. If you want something new, this laptop is much recommended. Explore and learn more about Acer Chromebook 11 CB3-131-C3SZ to get more familiar with function and capability.